Calciyum PopTops

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Thank you for the opportunity to review these! We loved them! The CalciYum Poptops are still the great tasting CalciYum milk but now in a convenient pop top drink bottle. It is able to be closed and sealed at anytime.

I’m liking

They are a wonderful size to fit in the children’s lunchbox, and the fact that they can be closed when not empty is fantastic. The children don’t have to drink it all at once. The size is good for little hands and also means that there isn’t much left over. I think the pop top is a wonderful idea, as with the old box drinks, there is always spillage, even when you think it is empty!

Things that made me go hmmmm

Nothing, the children and I could not think of anything! (Maybe the chocolate in an adult size!)

The conclusion

Very convenient when out and about, love the fact that there will be less spilling, and we can put it back in their lunchbox when it is finished without ending up with chocolate covered apples and chips, lile we used to. These are now a regular in our shopping.

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