Destuff for Kids


A wonderful, safe, effective and natural product. Most used and like health product in our house. Perfect for helping the nasty colds that our little ones get.

I’m liking

That is natural, my son likes the taste, it works! You can use it from when they are very little, we first started using it when our son was about 5 months old. It is New Zealand made. Really great product, we love it!!!!

Things that made me go hmmmm

It is not cheap, but it is worth it.

We find the bottles with the droppers are better , much easier to give to little ones this way. I personally don’t buy the ones without the droppers.

It says put in water, but we have never had any problems giving it to our son straight from the bottle.

The conclusion

This is a must have product for parents! I give at as a pressie to all my friends and family who are first time parents and suggest it to many others. I am also so happy that is a natural New Zealand made product. Fantastic product.

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