Diane Levy – Of Course I Love You… Now Go To Your Room!

Of course I love you

Are you fed up with yelling at your children?
Are you fed up with your children yelling at you?
Are you fed up with your children yelling at each other?

Have you ever thought that there must be an easier way?

In this book, Diane Levy presents her bold new approach to parenting with two main aims – to develop emotional independence and to promote self-discipline.  She shows you how to raise pleasant children whose company you can enjoy.

With a wise, humorous and accessible writing style, Diane Levy relates stories from raising her own three children to demonstrate the practical details of parenting.  You will find practical information on how to deal with tantrums, sibling disputes, bullying, hitting, teasing, biting, verbal abuse and other unnecessary habits our children seem to adopt.  There are strategies for sleep patterns, eating habits, shyness, successful toilet training, promoting problem-solving skills and setting our teens up to become wise planners.

This is the book you will want to read cover to cover – and then keep revisiting.

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