Ginger Pye Sandwich Wrap


When kindy starts posting stern notices about the amount of rubbish being accumulated after a mealtime, you know they mean business! One way to cut the wrap (heh heh) is to invest in a reusable sandwich wrap like these ones made by Ginger Pye.

I’m liking

They are 100% NZ made (Dunedin, hurrah!), which is really fab. It’s useful for sandwiches or other items that don’t have much in the way of wet components (frittatas, pizza etc.) and is incredibly simple to use. Fold the sides in, stick the top piece of velcro to the bottom piece and Bob’s your uncle. It’s more secure than you think, and sturdier than you might imagine too.  A wipe clean and you’re done at the end of the day, or you can wash it in the machine if required. Personalise your wrap by writing your child’s name on the purpose-made fabric on the front – so hopefully, it doesn’t go missing when facing a table of small, hungry children tossing things to and fro.

The conclusion

A medium sandwich wrap is $12.95 so pretty inexpensive. They are really funky and I totally recommend them. You can’t go wrong, really.

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