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Guided Play is designed to provide parents of infant children with hints and tips to enrich the quality of play with their infant / toddler / pre-schoolers. Therefore, it is a parenting resource, not an educational game for children.

I’m liking

If you’re feeling bored of your usual play routines or are looking for something new to challenge your child, this app gives some excellent ideas. With over 70 activity tips for five sound-related areas, which are Drumming, Clapping, Shaking, Listening and Speaking, there bound to be something that will engage you and your child.

The activities are not overly complex and don’t requires loads of special equipment; their simple enough to spend five or ten minutes on and then move on to something else. The activities are also give a thorough explanation of the skills that are being developed and you can keep track of these on the app.

My 4 year old also found this app on my phone and had a great time following along and doing the activities.

The conclusion

When you think of apps for kids, you will probably mostly think of games for them to play. However, this is a totally different concept – essentially an app for parents that helps guide their play with their children. If you want some fun and easy ways to interact with your child and want to move out of your usual repertoire, then this is a great app.

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