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Jet Park Hotel is an Airport Hotel and Conference Centre very close to Auckland Airport. They have Family Suites available, so my husband and I stayed there last night, with our four year old girl and two year old boy, to check one out.

I’m liking

Our first impressions were great. It was easy to find and it’s large frontage is beautified with ferns. There is a vast car park as they offer 14 day free car storage, but alas, we couldn’t find a space so we parked in the 120 area and reception told the concierge. The foyer area is modern and spacious and the reception staff were friendly, welcoming and helpful.
Our Family Suite was huge and inviting, I would even go so far as to say luxurious. It is basically two suites with internal doors open in between, so the kids get their own bathroom, mini bar, mini lounge and desk as well. Their beds were decorated with bright blankets and fun cushions and there was a tub full of books and a few basic toys…a teddy bear, jigsaw, and battleships for older kids.

The Family Suite at Jet Park Hotel

They also left classic children’s favorites CDs. The kids were really excited and permitted me to use their bathroom! It has a very spacious shower but not a bath. However,there is a large baby bath was there if you needed it. On our bed was a pillow menu, which I thought was pretty cute. You could contact housekeeping for a Billow Pillow, Microfibre Pillow, Lavender Aromatherapy Pillow or a Feather & Down pillow. All up, there were three televisions in the suite.
There is a lovely pool area out the back of the bar with a pebbled bottom and a shallow area that would be good for young ones, providing you’re keeping a close eye, as it drops off to the deep. It wasn’t heated though, so it’s good for a paddle but more of a summer attraction. There is also a garden area and a small playground for you to supervise your children on. It’s basically a wooden fort with a slide, but that’s more than most hotels offer.
We had continental breakfasts and they were absolutely delicious. They even had marmite! The kids could eat anything they liked and were free as they are under five, a very generous arrangement! Older kids pay according to their age.

Things that made me go hmmmm

When we returned from an early evening outing, the car park was packed again, including the short term area. Then a conference must have finished as a group swarmed out to their cars. I guess offering 14 days free car storage creates hot demand.
At one point my four year old closed her internal door (its a double door system) through to our side of the suite and the door had no handle our side so we couldn’t gain access until she thankfully, obediently opened it. If we had a card to access to their side of the suite from the hallway entry it would have been ok, so have a chat about this with reception. I guess, it’s something to be aware of with little ones.
I would suggest you bring a night light as it was difficult to get the level of light right for the kids to sleep. Also, bring a sipper cup if you need one, the kids minibar is just stoked with the normal crockery.

The conclusion

I would recommend Jet Park Hotel, it’s welcoming, high quality accommodation, very handy to the airport, and it was great for the kids to have their own space and toys. Overall a great experience.

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