Kathy White – Kiwi Bites – Muffin Magic

Mark has been chosen to represent his school at the rock-climbing championships in Sydney, but there’s one problem – money. To raise funds for the trip, his friend Kenneth and his Aunt Julia persuade Mark to start a business, making delicious muffins to sell at school and door-to-door in the neighbourhood. But someone wants to sabotage Mark’s enterprise.

Young Readers will love these mouthwatering, bite-sized stories from their favourite authors and illustrators.

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  • Newlynn

    this is a great book. My son loved this book

  • Bee

    i have seen this at the book shop and looks like a good book. I did like the recipe at the back.

  • Mrsjimmy

    This book is a delight for any younger reader, perfect for boys or girls in year 3/4/5ish. It also has a great little muffin recipe in the back.

  • Robynsnest

    I saw this in the local bookshop the other day and couldn’t resist having a peek at it. Such a great book.

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