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Key Word Kids is an educational therapy app designed to help children with language development. While created specifically for children with language delays or English as a Second Language learners, this app would also help kids aged three to seven years with listening and reading skills.

App for iOS available on iTunes (for iPad2, iPad3 and iPad mini, doesn’t work on original iPads.

I’m liking

With fun, child-friendly graphics, Key Word Kids is an engaging, well-designed app that kept my three-year-old, language-delayed son totally absorbed for a good 30 minutes – a remarkable feat in itself!

The app works on receptive (listening and reading) skills through interactive, animated tasks which can be set at four different levels depending on the child’s ability. On completing a set number of tasks the user is rewarded with a choice of five mini-games, making it very motivating to get through the activities. Expressive (spoken) language can be practiced in the app’s free play mode where children can create scenes and record themselves talking about their creations. My son loved both these modes of play, but it was the mini-games, which included dodging water balloons and popping bubbles, that kept him hooked!

Things that made me go hmmmm

While it can be used as a ‘game’ app for children to play independently, the greatest benefit would come from a parent (or therapist) using it with a child. An adult would definitely need to guide the child through a first time use of the app to find the appropriate level of play and to get to grips with how the activities work. It took us a while to work out when to drag and click, and when to select multiple items, but once we got it we were away laughing.

At $29.99 it is on the pricey side, however this is in line with similar language therapy apps designed by education professionals.

The conclusion

If you have a child who needs help with language skills, then this app is a fun and effective way to give them practice, but they will need your help to get the most out of it.

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