Mountain Buggy nano travel stroller


A lightweight, compact folding travel stroller that provides dual functionality of car seat compatibility to easily transform into a fuss free urban travel stroller – perfect for today’s busy modern families. It’s not the kind of buggy we’re used to from Mountain Buggy but as you would expect, it’s still bloomin’ awesome!

I’m liking

Look: I fall in love with every Mountain Buggy machine I try. In my imagination, I’d have one of each buggy… y’know… one for every occasion. Having said that, the nano is one that I am actually seriously considering buying. My family is at a stage where a compact stroller is a necessity and this stroller is near-on perfect.

The nano is compact but not teeny. It’ll take a child up to 20kg and there’s plenty of width as well as height. You can also use the stroller with a capsule – so great from birth. It goes without saying that it’s robust; and it has pretty good suspension given that it’s a stroller, not a full buggy. Although the seat doesn’t lie flat, it does recline.

The thing that really sold me on this stroller was the compactness of the folded buggy. When folded and popped in its carry-case, this buggy fits in an airplane carry-on space. NO KIDDING! So you can take it as carry-on on the plane! And it fits just as compactly in the boot of your car or on the bus etc… Perfect for dashing out to the shops or popping into a cafe. And so much better than the horrible little umbrella stroller I’m currently using!

Things that made me go hmmmm

The handle height is fixed so if you’re tall or not-so-tall, it’d be best to try-before-you-buy. Husband, who is 6’3″ found that he kicked the brake if he was striding out so make sure you test the buggy while walking at pace. (But even husband thinks that we should add this buggy to our collection).

I always like somewhere near the top of buggies to pop my keys and phone and this buggy doesn’t have a pocket. I’m hoping Mountain Buggy might add one on the next version (wink, wink!).

It’s worth mentioning that the mechanism for folding this buggy isn’t immediately obvious. The good people at Mountain Buggy made me promise to watch the instructional video before using this stroller. And of course I didn’t. And I ended up driving home with a half-folded stroller. Watch the video, people. It’s not long but it’ll make all the difference 😉

The conclusion

This buggy is SO. GREAT. At $399, it’s a reasonably priced buggy that you’re sure to get oodles of use out of. And if you’re planning on travelling with a preschooler, this is the buggy for you. Go and get one now!

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