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Mountain Buggy is best known for awesome buggies but recently, they’ve been breaking out some new products (you might have seen our review of the peppy car seat). The pod is a compact, portable high chair designed for children up to 15kg in weight.

I’m liking

This chair is very similar to the phil&teds metoo and if you’ve used one, you’ll know how useful they are! However, the pod has some nice innovations:
* The seat is quite a bit deeper and in our case, this made it much harder for our very nimble almost 2 year old to climb out of
* The clamps have a really good rubber covering which means that you don’t need to be afraid of scratching your table
* It comes with a little travel bag which is really useful for popping bibs / wipes etc into (as well as the pod, of course!). Great for leaving it in the car with a spare bib and a couple of wipes… all ready to roll!
* The fabric cleans easily and there are very few nooks and crannies to get food stuck in

Things that made me go hmmmm

As with all portable high chairs, you do need to be careful what kind of table you put this on – you’ll need to make sure that the table is stable and has a good edge.

The conclusion

As Mountain Buggy products tend to be, this is a well thought-out, robust product. It has a lot of similarities to the phil&teds metoo but has some nice innovations . At around $89, it’s not the cheapest seat you’ll find but it’s worth the investment!

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