Munch Baggie white and blue star


The Munch Baggie white and blue star is a classy, sturdy all-in-one reusable wrap that is suitable for carting muffins or other small goods in a lunch bag, lunchbox, hand bag or similar.

I’m liking

This is a pocket-style wrap, and I find it very practical. If you have an item that is slightly messy, you can keep it relatively contained while eating due to the pocket. The velcro latch is secure, and I have no worries about items falling out and making a mess. The waterproof inner is easy to wipe clean and you can shake any leftover items out of the pocket fairly easily.

At 19cm x 15cm I find it a really useful size and can squeeze two medium sized muffins in at a pinch.

The conclusion

A very useful addition to your waste-free lunch carriers, this item from Munch is good value at $13.99. I think it will offer a long life of service to your family!


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