Munch food wraps


This reusable food wrap is an alternative product to regular plastic wrap. It can be used over the top of jars, ends of cheese, or just to wrap food products in for a lunchbox.

I’m liking

NZ-made and all natural, I think this is an innovative product. It is biodegradable, lasting approximately 4 months of reasonably constant use. Using the warmth of your hand, you can mold this wrap around an item to keep it fresh in a lunch box. My favourite use for it – and one I use every lunchbox now – is to keep slices of cheese nice and fresh. This has definitely helped my son eat his cheese – a great source of lunchbox protein, but something he won’t eat unless it’s plain and by itself. And he didn’t used to eat it when it sweated inside a little container. So that has made this product very useful in our house!

The wraps hold together around items better than you imagine they will, providing you don’t stretch their capacity. Great for a little biscuit, half a carrot or to wrap around half an apple in a lunchbox – or to keep a multitude of other items fresher in your fridge.

The conclusion

You get two in a pack for $13, That’s pretty good value – I’m hoping I’ll get slightly more than four months out of mine, but time will tell!

This is a simple product that does its job really well.

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