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I’ve been a bit slow to the personal blender party and I’m always a bit skeptical about fads. However, the kind people from Nutribullet offered to send me a Nutribullet 600 to try and since I can never turn down a kitchen appliance, I quickly agreed!

The blender comes with two bases – a chopping and a blended; and two different sized ups – a single and a larger one.

I’m liking

I’m surprised at how much I use this blender. Obviously, we use it for smoothies and it’s been really great for whipping up a quick smoothie (with hidden spinach hahah!) for hungry kids – and mamas! But what’s really surprised me is how much I’ve used it for other kinds of cooking – especially chopping things and blending sauces. It’s a relatively compact machine and it feels much quicker and easier to use than hauling out my full sized blender / food processor.

It’s also super-easy to wash and that counts for lots in my books. Just unscrew the cup, give the cup and base a wash off and you’re done. It’s much easier than my other blender, which has lots of nooks and crannies. The cups etc can also go in the dishwasher.

Things that made me go hmmmm

There’s quite a lot of hype in the packaging for this blender and some pretty cringy photos. If you can look past that, you’ll be right!

I’ve been trying out the 600 watt version of the machine and it’s perfectly good for my requirements. I suspect if you were more of a smoothie aficionado and liked your nuts and veges totally obliterated in the smoothy, you’d want to try one of the higher watt versions.

The conclusion

Although I am always pretty skeptical about great claims to instant health and wellbeing, I’ve enjoyed using this blender and it’s become one of my more regularly used kitchen appliances. It’s useful and practical and can be used loads of different ways.

Big thanks to Nutribullet for letting me try one out!

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