Pea Pods Reusable Nappies – “One Size”


A bamboo trifold nappy which can be adjusted to fit.

I’m liking

The softness! I’d recently moved away from using my current cloth nappy system with velcro attachments as they became quite stiff and were rubbing on Miss 1’s legs so I was pleasantly suprised with these.
I loved the ease of velcro when she was smaller (and the sound brought back fond memories of barta bullets!) but am now a convert to the snaps – I can still do them up straight while she performs circus soleil and zumba moves across the lounge. Also she hasn’t managed to play hide the yucky nappy in the pot draw with these ones yet.

I liked the option of either inserting or just snapping the liner in place and the size adjustment system seemed a little fiddly (just like adjusting a bra) but really clever. I’ve only been using this one for the last few weeks and they fit my one year old perfectly on the medium setting but can’t give any feedback on how well they work on bigger or smaller babies. No leaks to report of and they hold out as long as huggies.

Cute swirly design and so far they still look crisp white!

They’re a good price too ($24.95).

Things that made me go hmmmm

Really minor but as mentioned above the size adjust ment is a tiny bit fiddly for my big philangies.

The conclusion

They’ve inspired me into getting back into cloth again! I’ll be buying a few more.

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