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The seriously lightweight and compact Traveller is something you don’t need to make a lot of room for when you go away from home with bubs. Tuck it under a seat in the car, shove it down the side of your suitcase, or right on top of the rest. It’s going to fit.

I’m liking

At 3.2 kgs, this portacot will be vastly different to most you’ve seen. It is made up of a series of poles that connect together or break down quickly, a mesh outer with zips, and a self-inflatable mattress that rolls up fairly quickly.

I love that one side zips down on the cot. You can sit on the floor and stick an arm in to pat baby to sleep, or you can fold down a whole side for a toddler that can get in and out of bed themselves. This is a spacious cot with a reasonably long mattress – you could get a three year old in there easily.

It’s a robust piece of equipment, and would work well as a play pen also (though my three year old scales the wall and is inside to the baby faster than you can turn your back…!)

Things that made me go hmmmm

The mattress fully inflated is not a thick one. It’s SIDS firm sleep surface approved and as safe as they come, but if your toddler is used to a cushier mattress at their age, they might struggle to get comfy on this one.

My husband gets annoyed that the little clips that hold the mesh outer to the feet seem to come unhooked if you try to move the cot from one location to another. They’re easy to hook back in though.

The conclusion

The pros of this crib in relation to others are just great. For a really safe option, one that fits into whatever space you have, is fast to put together and with easy access due to the zip down side – this is an impressive portable cot. It retails for $219, and you can buy a sun cover for $21.00 which makes this a great option for taking baby to the beach, to the side of a sport field or in a corner of your deck. If you’re looking at purchasing a travel cot, do look into what makes this one different. I think it’s worth it!

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