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We were looking for a trampoline for our family, something that was safe, well made and would last for a long time. After some great research, based on what we wanted, we singled the list down to the Springfree brand.

I’m liking

The quality of this product. This is what really impressed me during the first few minutes of construction. I couldn’t believe how well it was designed and constructed. Using solid metal framing, and sturdy attachments, as the trampoline construction got closer to being finished, you could really feel how solid this was going to be once complete.

The safety is above par. Whenever I see other trampoline brands I question their safety! The Springfree trampoline we have makes alternate options seem poorly constructed, and, well, not safe. Its a terrible thing to think but it really knocks the socks off anything else.

Also, this is a New Zealand designed product!!!

It has aged very well over the time we have had it. It still looks brand new, and that comes down to it being made well, and suitable for our harsh sun we have here in New Zealand. My friends alternate brand trampoline, didn’t last 1 summer before the materials started to perish from the sun.

Things that made me go hmmmm

I have a had a great experience with the trampoline and really enjoyed putting it together. 1 thing I would change or recommend, is wearing gloves when constructing, as I did pinch my hand at one point when installing the tensioned rods.

The conclusion

The conclusion here is that you certainly get what you pay for. I always recommend this brand of trampoline to anyone I meet in the market for a trampoline. Its very well built. The assembly instructions are clear and have QR codes linking to YouTube videos for each individual step. I would certainly buy another one if the I needed to.

Highly recommend to all in the market for a safe, sturdy and very well designed trampoline.

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