TomTom iphone app


The TomTom GPS app for iphone is a nifty little app that will help make your travelling easier.

I’m liking

Having a full-function GPS on your phone is awesome. Shortly after I download this app, we went on a family holiday to a part of New Zealand that I wasn’t familiar with. It was great to be able to set the GPS and off we went. It’s certainly much easier having the GPS on my phone, rather than having another device to deal with.

The maps are clear and easy to follow and the voice instructions are also clear.

Things that made me go hmmmm

I’d have to say that I didn’t initially find using this application particularly intuitive to use – at one point I had to get my husband to pull over as I simply couldn’t work out how to get it to tell us where to go… I got better at using it but it did cause some initial frustration.

I’m sure that this is the case with any app that runs constantly, but using this app ran down my phone battery quick quickly. You’re definitely going to want to take a car charger along for the trip 🙂

The conclusion

I’m pretty sure that map books are generally a thing of the past and apps like this TomTom one are an awesome addition to your smart phone arsenal. While it’s not the cheapest app on the market ($94.99), it works well and it’s a good investment if you’re planning on travelling away from home.

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