What Could It Be?


What Could It Be, by Sally Fawcett is a picture book about exploring shapes and the endless creativity that comes with this.

I’m liking

I loved this book right from page one. Being a teacher, I was all over it seeing all the learning possibilities that this book provides for children. Not only does this book introduce children to shapes, but it allows them to become shape and colour detectives. My 3 year old and I love to race and see who can find the shapes first on each page.

Sally Fawcett uses simple repetitive text, rhyme and rhythm to engage readers. Her illustrations are bold, fun and inspiring. Not only is this book great for leaning about shapes, it is a fantastic book to encourage children’s artistic expression.

The conclusion

Overall this is a fantastic resource to introduce children to shapes. It gives them the opportunity to take their learning and apply it to the real world around them. Also, at the back of the book there is a link to the book’s webpage which has some great activities to use along with the book.

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