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YMCA Auckland offers a range of classes for various ages. We recently took part in a term of Gymnastics lessons aimed at children from 1-2 years of age. We attended the Ellerslie Centre classes in Auckland, as they were close to home and the class times were convenient.

I’m liking

My favourite part of the class has to be the staff. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and helpful right from the start, including the manager, the receptionist and especially our wonderful tutor Bree.

Bree is a natural with children, and her positive warm nature made the class everything it could be. She made sure to set up different interesting themes each week and was quick to learn something about each class member and their parent.

My son loved the sheer volume of equipment and new things to explore. At this age they spend a lot of the class doing free play on a large variety of various gym equipment including mats, ladders, trampolines, climbing bars, balls, beams, etc – even a ball pit! I imagine they are learning a lot about balance, spatial awareness and body confidence, but honestly the best part is how much fun they have!

It was great to see his confidence grow throughout the term, and his willingness to try new things. We would never have been able to recreate this kind of thing at home. I imagine it’s even better in winter when it’s difficult to find a space for kiddies to really run free and get rid of all that energy – this class would be perfect for that.

Anything to improve?

It might just be me, but I found the sessions were a little long for this age group at 60 minutes, maybe 45 minutes would be better.

The conclusion

I would strongly recommend this class to anyone with an active child who loves exploring and trying new things, or a parent wanting to encourage these traits in their children.

Since attending, one of the mums in my coffee group has already signed up, and two others intend to join next term. I think it will be our favourite winter activity this year!

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