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ymca baby swim school

My son Nathan is currently 9 months old and he is loving the swim lessons at YMCA Glen Innes. I thought I would write this quick review of their swim school.

I’m liking

Our instructor Jess is friendly and really engages with the babies. And she is always attentive to each baby’s needs, making sure they make progress in getting comfortable in and around the water. I can definitely recommend the YMCA instructors, they’re great!

In terms of being baby friendly, there’s plenty of parking right outside the pools, which is good. There’s also 2 change tables to change baby inside the pool complex. The tables are quite high, which can make changing baby a tad tricky. But they’re really useful.

From what I have observed, the sooner babies are introduced to water, the less fear they have. So I’m very glad that we started Nathan at swim lessons early, he now loves the water so much he cries when we have to get out!

The conclusion

I would definitely recommend the YMCA Auckland baby swim schools to all Mums who have babies and would like to get them more comfortable in and around the water.

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