YMCA Massey School Holiday Programme


My daughter has been attending the YMCA Auckland School Holiday Programme at the Massey Leisure Centre and really loves it. She went again in the April school holidays, and this time around I had the opportunity to review the programme.

I’m liking

There’s certainly a lot to like about the YMCA Auckland holiday programmes. You can tell they’ve been doing this for a while, because the programmes are really well managed. But here’s my list of the top things I like about the programme:

  • The variety of activities for the children.
  • The very helpful, friendly and professional staff.
  • Just a really well organised programme.
  • Good health and safety concern for the kids and processes in place.
  • Their whiteboard notice board with what’s coming up in the week.

Any improvements?

I thought a text reminder service would be great. You can get a text about the next day’s activities and any special requirements (eg the Friday shared lunch, as some parents missed this if they didn’t read the initial pamphlet).

The conclusion

The YMCA Auckland School Holiday Programme is just a really good holiday programme for school-aged children. I’ve sent my daughter to the YMCA programme for the past year and a half. She’s attended the 5-6 age group, as well as the 7-10 age groups. I would highly recommend this to parents looking for a safe, affordable and good-quality holiday programme for their kids.

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