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6 Ways to Teach Your Children Tolerance

teaching tolerance to kids

When I see the words ‚Äėsustainable families‚Äô, I think of families that last the distance. What is the secret ingredient that helps some families last the distance? My guess is that it‚Äôs tolerance. Continue reading »

Aggressive behaviour in children

Aggressive behaviour in children

All children have moments of aggression. Aggressive behaviour in children is a fairly natural emotional response. But no parent wants that sinking feeling of realising their child has been aggressive to others.¬† Continue reading »

13 ideas to deal with arguing and backchat

tips to deal with arguing and backchat

Has your cute and cheeky child suddenly turned into an argumentative opinionated kid with an attitude to match?¬†Do you find yourself saying yes to things just to prevent the battle?¬†Let’s look into 13 ideas to deal with arguing and backchat. Continue reading »

15 new ideas for dealing with an angry child


Anger in children can be pretty frightening or upsetting for the adults around them. We may feel overwhelmed in the face of such strong emotions, or unsure how best to deal with the aggressive behaviours that often accompany extreme anger. Here’s 15 new ideas for dealing with an angry child. Continue reading »

Using empathy to deal with your child’s emotions


For our children, just the same as it is for us, there are times when they have their big difficult feelings that really need loving attention.  No matter how committed we are as parents, our children still have their daily ups and downs and sometimes their frustrations mount.

Continue reading »

Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour

RTLBs - Resource teacher learning and behaviour

An RTLB is a Resource Teacher: Learning Behaviour. Around schools and among students they are commonly called RTLBs. An RTLB works within schools giving support and providing assistance to teachers of students who are at risk of not achieving or achieving at a low level because of their learning or behaviour difficulties. Continue reading »

How to handle toddler tantrums


There are two main types of toddler tantrums. Knowing how to handle toddler tantrums will be much easier if you can recognise which type your child is dealing with. Continue reading »

Helping parents and children deal with sibling rivalry

5343634_s teens_blended family

A little squabbling between siblings — brothers and/or sisters — is, in all but the most extraordinary families, inevitable. We all have “war stories” from growing up. Continue reading »

13 – 18 year old child behaviour


Are you searching for information and advice to help you as a parent to understand and help with a particular teenage child behaviour problem or issue?¬†Thirteen¬†year old being bullied?¬†Arguing fourteen year old?¬†Angry fifteen year old?¬†Sixteen year old having sex? Lying seventeen year old? Smoking eighteen year old? ¬† Continue reading »

11 to 12 year old child behaviour


Are you searching for information and advice to help you as a parent to understand and help with a particular child behaviour problem or issue?¬†Screaming eleven year old?¬†Adolescent twelve year old? Continue reading »

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