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Supercharged spaghetti bolognaise


Spaghetti bolognaise is a go-to staple in most households. And it’s not hard to see why. Full of protein and carbs, with the sweetness of tomatoes, and lots of fun for kids to eat. Continue reading »

Chicken nuggets with cauliflower


What kid doesn’t love chicken nuggets right? And there are some good brands out now with organic chicken, and healthier batter. But, still, some chicken nuggets leave a lot to be desired. Continue reading »

Making brave food decisions in the modern world


The title sounds like the starting point for an article on how to explore the Amazon while avoiding piranha, or maybe eating puffer fish in Japan without suffering terminal nerve damage. Continue reading »

Forming positive relationships with food


Food has become such a hot topic. Everywhere we turn there are messages bombarding us about what we should eat and how we should feel while we’re eating it. If we’re confused, how must our children be feeling? Sometimes it feels like forming positive relationships with food is impossible.  Continue reading »

Snacks for children

snacks for children

Children and snacking is something that many parents worry about. Are my children snacking too much? Is it ok to snack between meals? What sort of food should I be giving as snacks? These are all common concerns but they don’t have to be. Snacking is a normal part of most children’s diet and can provide valuable energy and nutrition. Continue reading »

The trouble with vegetables

eating vegetables

Somewhere along the line, recently, my son started liking carrots again. After what seems a couple years of unhealthy eating, he’s returned to form and can’t get enough of the good stuff. Continue reading »

What is healthy eating?

healthy eating

What is healthy eating? Does it mean something different to you than it does to the person next to you? Chances are it does. We all know that we should be eating healthier. But how do we do that? Does it mean we have to give up carbohydrates? We constantly hear messages like: bananas are fattening, olive oil is good, saturated fat is bad but coconut oil is good, chocolate is good and bad, eat more meat, eat less meat, eat legumes, don’t eat legumes … the list of healthy eating advice in the media and from friends is endless. And for many, totally confusing. Continue reading »

Summer holiday food

Summer holiday food

Summer is my favourite time of the year for food. There are so many different types of fruits and vegetables available. Combine that with warmer weather and longer days, and throw in a summer holiday to boot! Continue reading »

Family games night – fun during meals


Combining games night with a family meal is one way to have a lot of fun.  You can get dressed up, divide family members into who is responsible for each course, and plan an activity or two inbetween.

Continue reading »

Working through diet changes with family/community support


Changes in our family situation can occur at any time and for any number of reasons, and they may require some quite major changes in how we run our lives.  It’s interesting to consider how many of these changes are connected directly with one of our most fundamental needs: food.

Continue reading »

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