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Christmas food memories


Christmas has always been a family time for me and it certainly holds many special memories. As a child it never seemed to come around quickly enough, now it seems to come around too quickly – although I have not lost the feeling of excitement that Christmas Day brings.

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ANZAC Day memories


Isn’t it fantastic the way schools these days are placing so much emphasis on Anzac Day and New Zealand’s involvement in the World Wars. It seems to me that children of today are far more aware of what Anzac is all about and the price New Zealand paid for freedom than in our day.

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The meaning of Christmas


I sense my 8 and 10 year old sons are struggling to believe that Santa Claus is really real. This year there have been no requests for Santa’s direct line to the North Pole and no long lists of preferred items for their sacks. Instead, yours truly has been fielding many challenging questions such as “Mummy, if Santa is real then why do we need the Salvation Army?”

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Passover festival

On the evening of April 2 this year, Jewish families – throughout New Zealand and all over the world – will be beginning a long evening of storytelling, giving thanks and eating. They will be celebrating the beginning of the festival of Passover and this festival will last for eight days (or seven if they live in Israel).

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