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Recipes for your 8-10 month old baby

Banana Maple Cream

Here’s a tasty dessert option for your baby… 

Cheesy leek, taters and cauliflower bake

Here great recipe for babies as they start to get used to new flavours and textures. 

Chicken fingers

A delicious recipe for babies as they begin to experience eating finger food. 

Fruity yoghurt

Storebought flavoured yoghurts can be laden with sugar or sweeteners, and many other additives.  You can avoid these things by…

Lentil and vegetable puree

Red lentils cook to a mushy consistency so they make an ideal baby food, while also being a great source…

No-stir Pumpkin Risotto

The simplest risotto you’ve ever heard of!  Make your own nutritious chicken stock from chicken bones and vegetable off-cuts, then…

Orzo and vegetables

A tiny, grainlike pasta, orzo (or risoni) is the perfect sized pasta for small children and babies.  Combined with vegetables,…

Spinach and banana puree

A delicious and easy recipe for your little person to enjoy, featuring nutritious spinach, banana and yoghurt.

Vege cheese mash

Cheese adds some protein to this yummy vegetable mash.  You could add some very finely shredded meat, or blend the…

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