Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your children and we bring you information about everything from illness to building your immunity.

5 steps to optimal family health this winter

Winter is high season for colds, viral infections, asthma exacerbations and the flu, but you can reduce the risk of…


Information about allergies for grown ups.


Welcome to our section on Contraceptive Options. We provide factual information on the different methods of contraception and family planning available in NZ to achieve safe sex.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Welcome to our section on Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking. Here at Kiwi Families we aim to provide NZ parents with information and factual advice on the drugs, alcohol and smoking issues that you and your family may face.

Eating to Build Immunity

Building immunity is vital as we are all more susceptible to colds and flu in the winter – building your…

Food allergy symptoms and diagnosis

This article on food allergy symptoms and diagnosis gives great advice and information on allergies and nutrition for families in…

Health Professionals

Welcome to our section on health professionals at Kiwi Families. This section provides great information on the roles of health professionals and how they can help you and your family.


Here we cover common illnesses in adults

Men's Health

Find information and advice on men's issues you and your family may face.

Mum’s amazing cold prevention remedy

We really can’t cope without our Mums can we? They’re always there for us, when we need a shoulder to…

Natural Health

For when you'd prefer to try something besides mainstream medicine

Post natal depression

This article on postnatal depression explores this common condition and the fears and myths that surround postnatal depression.

Skin cancer in New Zealand – Keeping safe in the sun

There are several reasons why New Zealanders have a higher risk for developing skin cancers – including a high proportion of…

Treatment for worms in kids

A beam of sunlight projects through the window and across the bathroom. You notice the dust dancing in the golden light….

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements are used commonly in New Zealand, but are vitamin and mineral supplements necessary for healthy toddlers,…

Women's Health

Find information and advice on women's issues you and your family may face.

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