Parenting alone? Find lots of easy-to-read and often amusing articles by a highly experienced and insightful single parent in our Single Parents section.

Advice from solo friends

Help and advice from other solo parents can be invaluable.

Beating single parent stress

Single Parenting can involve lots of stress. We provide strategies to beat the Stress.

Breaking the poverty cycle

 Someone once asked me, “You know those columns you write – do you do everything you write about?” Answer: no….

Creating a family

Every Thursday night for a couple of years, my daughter and I had dinner with a girlfriend and her family….

Dating for Single Parents

When I first became a solo mum, I thought the only way I’d find a man would be if he…

Dealing with anger

 It looks like flossing my teeth has now become a habit. It used to be just a good intention –…

Dealing with the ex

 I knew having and raising a baby by myself would be hard. Really hard. 

Divorce and kids

While researching this article, I came across the sobering statement: “Children never really heal from divorce.”

Making ends meet

Juggling your finances is a big part of being a solo or single parent.  We discuss WINZ, benefits, subsidies and…

Male role models

Finding good male role models for children in fatherless homes

Mums raising boys

When I was pregnant, I secretly wanted a girl. I’d give people the standard line, “Oh, as long as it’s…

Parental rights for non-custodial parents

Non-custodial parents have rights too: we overview the key issues – the emotions, the legal and physical practicalities to work…

Single parenting overview

Whether you are a single parent by choice, or circumstances have chosen for you, there is no denying that parenting alone…

Somebody help me

 One winter night a few years ago, I found myself lying on the bathroom floor, pausing between bouts of vomiting…

Watch your mouth

What you say can affect your children and your future

Your kid gets up my nose

When a new man enters the family, some things – like discipline – get complicated.

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