In this section we provide you with information and phone and online contact details for these support groups. And please remember, whatever you’re facing, you don’t have to face it alone. Make that phone call today and get the support you need……you’ll be glad you did.


Assistance to escape or recover from physical, sexual or emotional abuse


Confidential support and information for alcohol, drug, tobacco or gambling addictions


Guidance from a government department, Career Services


Support organisations for parents, carers and families living with a mental or physical disability


In this section, we list education support groups to help get your child's education sorted.


Groups to help out if you are having trouble with your finances

Grief and Death

For support whilst grieving, whether a death has been sudden or expected


Information about health services and support groups for those with illnesses and diseases.

Mental health & depression

Support groups that can assist with mental health


Information about support groups that can help you with parenting.

Pregnancy and babies

Being pregnant or parenting a new baby can be scary. Find great support networks here


Courses, counselling and advice to help you strengthen your relationship or relationships

Youth Development

A variety of not-for-profit organisations are focussed upon the development of New Zealand youth.

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