Looking after your health and well-being is an essential part of being pregnant and we give you useful information on staying healthy during pregnancy.

Constipation in pregnancy

During pregnancy the altered hormone levels (increased progesterone) affects gut function and this can result in constipation for some people.

Heartburn in pregnancy

Increased hormone levels of progesterone in pregnancy relax all the smooth muscles in your body. Between your stomach and your…

Nausea in pregnancy

This article on nausea provides you with some really useful nutritional tips for nausea in pregnancy.

Pelvic floor exercise for pregnant Mums

Exercising for the birth is vital to promote natural birth. There are exercises which can help pregnant mums to prepare…

Recovering from postnatal depression

Being diagnosed with postnatal depression (PND) can come as both a shock and a relief. You may feel shocked that…


We provide information and advice about the signs and symptoms, treatments, risks and complications of rubella or German measles¬†– most…

Slap Cheek or Fifth Disease

We provide information and advice about Slap Cheek or Parvovirus in humans – the signs and symptoms, treatments, risks and…

What exercises are safe in pregnancy?

Exercise in pregnancy is vital for a healthy pregnancy ‚Äď here are some great tips for incorporating exercise into your…

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