Preschoolers: Preschool Education

All you need to know about Early Childhood Education for your preschooler.

5 key routines for back to school

Making the shift back into school mode can be tough for children and parents. If you’re feeling a bit nervous…

Books for toddlers and preschoolers

From toddler on your chances of choosing books without your little one around decreases!

Early Childhood Education Overview

Confused about Early Childhood Education? We cover everything you need to know!

First day at early childhood checklist

We’ve made an ECE first day checklist of things you may need when your child starts Early Childhood Education.  Save…

Free Online Learning Games

Free online games to help your child learn


Help finding the gear that your child needs for Early Childhood Eduction.

Is your child school ready?

What is the B4 School Check? What does School Ready mean? How do I know if my child is Ready?…

School visits

School visits are one of the many chances you have to help ready your little one for the next step…

Special Education

Does your child have "special needs"? Discover the educational resources available to help you with your child.

Types of Early Childhood Care

Confused about Early Childhood Education? We explain the different kinds of Early Childhood Education available in New Zealand.

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