School Age: Activities: Learning Music

Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime. What musical instrument is right for your child.

Learning the clarinet

The clarinet is a lovely instrument for children to learn, and in time they can play the clarinet in an…

Learning the drums

Learn to play the Drums? When it comes to choosing an instrument, drums have an almost rock star status for…

Learning the flute

The flute is a relatively easy woodwind instrument to learn, so your child can start learning the flute reasonably young.

Learning the keyboard

Learn to play theĀ the Keyboard. Keyboard is a fun instrument for beginners, with one keyboard sounding like an entire band.

Learning the piano

Learn to play Piano. Learning the piano is a tradition in some families, but nowadays, there are more ways to…

Learning the violin

Learn to play Violin. The violin is a fun instrument for children to learn. As they develop they can play…

Music overview

Learning music of any sort is a way for your child to develop skills intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Music truly…

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