School Age: Education

Want to know more about education for your primary or intermediate aged child? Read on!

10 Best Free Maths Games Online for Kids in 2019

We’ve pulled together our selection of the best free Maths Games online for kids, updated for 2019. These are educational websites full of…

5 reasons your child may not be able to concentrate

If you have a child who finds it difficult to pay attention, you must first consider how the brain functions. This…

Assessment at primary school

Assessment of your child forms a big part of their education from now on and along with assessment comes more…

Core primary subjects

Your child will be taught a core set of subjects when they go to Primary School.  Find out what those…

Education Overview

Confused about the terminology - eg. public vs private vs integrated ? Here we explain the New Zealand education system and related terminology.

Free Science and Literacy Games

Find our quick reference table of free Online Games – Science & Literacy –  fun for kids. Let your toddler, preschool…


Thinking about whether to homeschool your child? Read on!

How to help set up a study or homework routine

Homework plays a very important part in your child’s learning and is given to them for a reason. While it’s not…

Intermediate Schooling

The in-between intermediate years where schooling provides 'tweens' time to mature, ready for secondary school.

Keeping in touch with the school

Communication between parents and the school becomes more important as your child gets older.  We give you some ideas about…

Learning Difficulties

Is your child under-achieving at school? Discover the underlying causes of learning difficulties and what can be done to help your child.


There is huge emphasis placed on our children coming away from school at the end of their ‘education careers’ as…

Primary school overview

Your child is about to go to Primary School and you’d like an overview of the what, how, when, whys. …


The ins and outs of helping your child to learn to read.

Special Education

Does your child have "special needs"? Discover the educational resources available to help you with your child.

The role of parents in education

When your child goes to Primary School there are many roles you can play as a parent.  Find out what…

Types of Primary Schooling

Find out about some different types of primary schooling including Montessori and Rudolph Steiner

Understanding school reports

No matter how in touch you are with what’s going on at school, school reports will give you the most…

Walking school bus

There’s a new buzz on the streets and roads of New Zealand towns and city’s…the buzz of the walking school…

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