School Age: Education: Special Education

Does your child have "special needs"? Discover the educational resources available to help you with your child.

Choosing the right school

Choosing a school for our precious children to attend can be an unnerving experience no matter what. Add to that…

Group Special Education (GSE)

GSE (Group Special Education) is the abbreviated term used for the Ministry of Education, Special Education.

Independent education plans (IEP)

An IEP is an Individual Education Programme. The terms is often used, but not always understood by those who use…

Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour

An RTLB is a Resource Teacher: Learning Behaviour. Around schools and among students they are commonly called RTLBs. An RTLB…

School transport assistance

The overall aim of the Ministry of Education’s school transport policy is to “…provide assistance to students who, because of…

Special education glossary

Here are the key terms that you need to understand special education.

Special Education Overview

It can be scary and daunting to find your child needs special help through their education.  Find more about what…

Starting primary school for children with special needs

For any parent the ‘starting primary school’ phase can be an emotional and worry-filled period. There’s changes of routine, environment,…

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