School Age: Health and Well-Being: Immunisation

Information about what immunizations are offered in New Zealand, where to get them and some of the risks and complications.

Immunisation schedule

The National Immunisation Schedule is a series of free immunisation visits designed to provide your family with the best protection…

Informed choice on immunisation

In this article we examine informed choice on immunisation for parents in New Zealand.

Preparing your child for an immunisation

Many children (and parents) find immunisation visits are an easy and relatively pain-free experience. For some children (and parents) however,…

Risks & complications of immunisations

All vaccines are thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe and work before they are licensed and used in the…

What is immunisation?

Throughout our lives, we’re exposed to many different germs which are potentially harmful to us. Some of these, like colds,…

Where to get immunised

This articles provides parents with a basic outline on where to get immunised and includes information on what to expect…

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