Teens: Education

If your confused about education for your teen, read on! We cover everything from subject choices to explaining NCEA.


Assessment in secondary schools has been through a huge change in recent years. Chances are it is poles apart from…


Information to help you and your teen make choices about careers.


Schools should have well set out and organised guidelines and policies on behaviour available to staff, students and parents. 

Education Overview

Here we cover everything you need to know about education for you teenager.


Homework becomes a much more important part of education once your teenager reaches secondary school. It is likely that your…

How and what do they learn at secondary school?

The way your child learns at secondary school differs greatly from the way they have at primary and intermediate school.

Introduction to secondary school

Secondary school is where students go to be educated once they have completed primary and intermediate school. It is also…

Learning Difficulties

Is your child struggling with learning? Find out more about what you can do to help them.


Find out more about the New Zealand secondary school qualification- the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

Secondary School Subjects

Find out more about the different subjects your child can take at secondary school.

Skills for High School Students

Tips for helping your child develop their essay writing skills

Starting secondary school

Saying goodbye to those Primary school years can be hard. We often know the staff well and feel comfortable going…

Tertiary Education

Got a child leaving secondary school sand wondering what's next? In this section, we explore tertiary education.

What does secondary school cost?

The cost of NZ secondary school education depends greatly on the following:

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