October 2016

Learn, teach, grow

As our children grow, we learn from them. Then we grow. We can use this new knowledge to teach our children. They’ll learn more from us, grow faster toward their potential, and teach us even more…

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5 parental lessons I MUST pass on to my daughter

They did… I did … I hope she does… We consciously and subconsciously carry through our lives pre-conceived ideas, learnt…


12 truths about fatherhood for modern Dads

I always vowed to never be like my Dad. I think most boys do, don’t they? Don’t get me wrong,…


Celebrate the superhero in you

Hard-working superstar needed for world’s most important role. Are you up to the challenge? Applications open now. Salary and conditions…

cooking with kids

Cooking your way to life skills

Being a parent is a mixture of elation, exhaustion, delight and fear, sometimes all at the same time!


Celebrating parenting in challenging circumstances

The first parent I think of celebrating is the widow of the black man, Philando Castile, murdered by an American…

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