Puro Kids BT-2200 Headphones Review


We’ve been thinking about getting a pair of wireless headphones for our daughter. But I am worried about her ears. She’s¬†not yet 5, so her very tiny ears are susceptible to loud noise. The Puro Kids BT-2200 headphones from Sound Labs could be the solution. Read the full review »

Keeping Your Children Safe Online


Keeping Your Children Safe Online: A guide for New Zealand parents is written by John Parsons. Parsons is a cyber-safety expert, and is one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on keeping kids safe online. He’s taught cyber-safety workshops around the country, worked with the New Zealand police and government agencies, and developed some cutting-edge resources for teaching about internet health and safety. Read the full review »

Little Truff and the Whales – Ann Russell


Little Truff senses something is wrong. At sea, in a boat with her family, she tugs her master to the stern.

A whale’s out there. It hasn’t moved, I think it’s tangled in a net and trying to get free.

Read the full review »

Fletcher of the Bounty – Graeme Lay

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 9.17.23 PM

Fletcher of the Bounty¬†by Graeme Lay is a must-read for¬†fans of sea-faring adventures, life in the late 18th century, and the history and culture of the Pacific Islands. Read the full review »

Toyota Highlander GXL Review

Toyota Highlander GXL-front view

The family were¬†fortunate enough to try out the Toyota Highlander GXL recently. We took the Highlander for a weekender up to Foxton Beach, to put it through it’s (very family-friendly) paces.¬†And to say we were super-impressed would be an understatement. Read the full review »

I can’t Sleep! Written by Stephanie Blake

i-cant-sleep by Stephanie Blake

I Can’t Sleep written by Stephanie Blake is a sweet story about Simon and his little brother.

Simon’s little brother can’t sleep without his special blanket. Simon has to find his brave to solve the problem, and help his little brother out. Read the full review »

Soda Pop by Barbro Lindgren and Illustrated by Lisen Adbåge

Soda Pop by barbro lindgren review

Soda Pop by Barbro Lindgren is a classic Swedish children’s novel that is an absurd tale from a world where anything can happen. The main characters are a father, a son, a giraffe and a bunch of hotdog-eating tigers. I know right!?! Read the full review »

Host Families NZ – A Host’s Review

Host Families NZ

Our family – a mother and daughter team – have been hosting international students here in New Zealand with Host Families NZ for about 4 years – too many to count! We’ve hosted¬†around 20 students, probably more. Read the full review »

YMCA Glen Innes Swim School

ymca baby swim school

My son Nathan is currently 9 months old and he is loving the swim lessons at YMCA Glen Innes. I thought I would write this quick review of their swim school.

Read the full review »

Feel a Little – Little poems about big feelings

Feel A Little

Feel a Little written by Jenny Palmer and Illustrated by Evie Kemp is a beautifully designed book created to help and encourage kids to recognise their emotions. The book is made up of 14 poems and illustrations, each based on a different emotion. Read the full review »

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