learning languages


One of the things that makes Aotearoa/New Zealand special is the Māori culture and language. Although it is only spoken in New Zealand, the Māori language (Te Reo) is…

The best way to understand the Korean culture and way of life is to know their language. Korean is spoken by millions of people around the world.

Japanese is a practical language to learn in terms of global society. Currently there is not as many Japanese speakers, as there is demand for the language.

While Italian seems less important than some languages in the global economy, Italian holds a special place in our hearts for its links with art, fashion, music and…

French is a very practical language to learn. French is the official language of a large number of countries and is spoken by many as a second language.…

Children who learn to speak Chinese will enjoy a rich cultural experience as well as economic advantages. Chinese is a rising language in the global economy.