March 2017

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Preparing your child for school

Once your child reaches school age there’s a few things they can be doing for themselves. Preparing your child for…

Sticks n stones Safer internet day Melbourne

Young Kiwis working hard for a safer internet

13 year old Molly Redican recently presented at Facebook Headquarters in Melbourne, and wrote about her experience exclusively for Kiwi Families.


3 breathing techniques for teaching children mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation has in recent years gained popularity; so much so that a school in the US replaced detention,…


Knowing your baby’s Six-Wind-Cues

All parents want to understand their baby, and I believe most parents encounter times when this can be an overwhelming…


Work-life balance – the El Dorado of our modern time

I’ll remember this conversation for the rest of my life. Some conversations are just like that. It was exactly a…

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