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Using cloth nappies at a childcare centre

Cloth nappies daycare

When my children each turned 18 months old, I decided that a couple of days a week for them at the local childcare centre would be a fabulous. One, because I wasn’t getting much work done during daylight hours. And two, I wanted them to have some interaction with people other than me! For whatever reason, and at whatever age, you may be starting to think about childcare too. Continue reading »

Rarpz Characters


I bought 3 rarpz characters (two were seconds for cosmetic reasons so I got these at an awesome price). They were very cute to look at.

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Bambino Mio nappy


These are a simple easy to use prefold and cover nappy system. The prefold is folded into three and then popped inside the cover.

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Bambino Mio


Bambino Mio modern cloth nappies are a wrap-style nappy.

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Ones and Twos


Ones&Twos – one size all-in-one cloth nappies.

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Bambino Mio Nappies


Well awarded internationally, these prefold nappies are one of the original modern cloth nappies and represent an economical, easy choice. The brand markets all components of the nappy system from cover to inserts; liners and wipes to washing powder.

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Ecobots cloth nappies

cover pic

These are sets of cotton squares that you fold in thirds and enclose in a waterproof outer layer.

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Honey Child nappies


Honey Child is a pocket style cloth nappy retailing for $39.95.

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Cloth Nappy Week is coming!!


Cloth Nappy Week 2012 is upon us and I am about to embark on a journey, pink cape and all, around the country to promote the use of Modern Cloth Nappies. Continue reading »

Cushie Tushies Chameleon


This is a really well-thought out nappy with some great design features.

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