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Hannah’s Bay Cottage Rotorua

Hannahs Bay Cottage Rotorua

We recently spent an amazing couple of days in awesome Rotorua, and stayed at the equally awesome Hannah’s Bay Cottage. Find out why this lake-front, family-friendly accommodation just won a gold medal in the Bach of the Year Awards.

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Hapro Zenith Roof Box

The Roofbox Company-Hapro

The Hapro Zenith Roof Box from The Roofbox Company is one of the larger, yet more slim-lined versions in the Hapro range. It’s a cinch to attach to most vehicles, and the storage capacity is HUGE when you pack thoughtfully. In fact, the humble roof box may well be the next best thing since sliced-bread. Find out why we love this product so much.
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Purebread – paper wrapped bread – Big Mamma


Big Mamma (the smaller version of Big Daddy) is a naturally fermented bread from Purebread.co.nz developed in two risings over hours that helps break down the complex carbohydrates. Read the full review »

I’m the Biggest by StĂ©phanie Blake

I'm the biggest

I’m the biggest by StĂ©phanie Blake is a great book about sibling rivalry and Jealousy. For any Simon fans (Poo Bum and I want Spaghetti) out there, this book will be loved. Read the full review »

Lessons of A LAC – Written by Lynn Jenkins

Lessons of a Lac

Lessons of A LAC is written by Lynn Jenkins and illustrated by Kirrili Lonergan and tells the story of Loppy LAC who is a little anxious creature and Curly the Calmster who, as the name suggest, is a calm creature. Read the full review »

How do you build an aeroplane when you’ve only got one wing?

How do you build an aeroplane when you’ve only got one wing

Toby and Harriet want to fly around the world. But their aeroplane is missing something important. They’d better use their imaginations to come up with a solution. Read the full review »

Host Families NZ – A Host’s Review

Host Families NZ

Our family – a mother and daughter team – have been hosting international students here in New Zealand with Host Families NZ for about 4 years – too many to count! We’ve hosted around 20 students, probably more. Read the full review »

YMCA Glen Innes Swim School

ymca baby swim school

My son Nathan is currently 9 months old and he is loving the swim lessons at YMCA Glen Innes. I thought I would write this quick review of their swim school.

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Supertato run, veggies, run! Written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

supertato run, veggies, run!

Supertato Run, Veggies, Run! is written by Sue Hendra. It’s sports day in the supermarket and all the veggies are in training. Everyone has been practising hard and is ready and raring to go… Read the full review »

Where’s my jumper? Written by Nicola Slater

Where's my jumper? written by Nicola slater

Where’s my jumper? by Nicola Slater is a picture book about a character called Rudy who has lost his jumper. The story takes the reader on a journey with Rudy in search of his jumper. Read the full review »

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