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How to make a painted rock photo holder


If your kids are into painted rocks, find out how to make a painted rock photo holder. The painted rocks craze has made painting on rocks pretty popular again. Every holidays at our place¬†you’ll usually see my kids painting up a rock and hiding them around our local area. Continue reading »

Toilet roll craft – Halloween mummy


Howling cats and big black spider,
Flying Bats, some doughnuts and cider,
Smiling pumpkins can be seen;
The time is here for Halloween.
– Karen McGuigan Brothers Continue reading »

Toilet roll craft – Halloween bat


I was having a look on Pinterest the other day to come up with some toilet roll craft ideas, when I saw toilet roll¬†wool wrapped monsters. This inspired me to make a series of toilet roll crafts for Halloween using wool. So far I’ve made a bat, a mummy and a spider! Continue reading »

Toilet roll craft – Paper flowers and vase

toilet roll craft paper flowers and vase

The other day my daughter and I made¬†a butterfly toilet roll craft. Today my daughter decided our butterflies needed some flowers! So we created this cool toilet roll vase with paper flowers for our butterflies to enjoy. Continue reading »

Toilet roll craft – Halloween spider


The itsy bitsy spider climbed up to give me a fright… Continue reading »

Toilet roll craft – Butterflies


Toilet rolls have to be one of the best crafting materials around. The endless possibilities with the humble toilet roll never cease to amaze me and they’re free. Here’s how to make toilet roll craft – butterflies.¬† Continue reading »

DIY jewellery hanger – painted driftwood


Here’s a super-simple and effective craft idea. The DIY jewellery hanger on painted driftwood is perfect for your teenager’s, or older kid’s room, to organise all that jewellery lying around. Continue reading »

Paper plate craft – Alien UFO

paper plate craft alien UFO

With Matariki having just entered our skies the thoughts in our household have all been pointed toward space. So with thoughts focused on planets and stars, of course Aliens and UFO were going to become part of our discussions! So we decided to make a paper plate alien UFO. Continue reading »

Toilet roll telescope – with optical illusion

toilet roll telescope

If your household is anything like ours, you’ll accumulate toilet rolls at an alarming rate!¬†But before you throw out that next toilet roll, consider adding it to your kid’s crafting supplies. They do take up a bit of storage room. But they’re so versatile for crafting, they really are worth holding on to. Then you can make these toilet roll telescopes – with optical illusion. Continue reading »

Marvellous marbling effect with shaving cream


Shaving cream is my new, favourite art material, to use with my little ones. It can be used for a number of different sensory and craft activities. Today we created this marvellous marbling effect with shaving cream. Continue reading »

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