12 craft ideas using scrapbook paper


You can do more with scrapbook papers than simply scrapbooking; there are heaps of craft ideas where scrapbook papers can really be put on show. Whether you are a scrapbooker or not, scrapbook papers can be turned into awesome works of art. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Card Making

Lots of scrapbook papers have small designs which can be cut out and used for cardmaking. Often the designs are repeated over and over on the page, so you can use paper tole techniques to make great 3D cards.

Simply cut out one of the pictures or patterns to start with, and then paste it onto your card. Cut out a second copy of the same picture, and adhere it over the top of the first one using foam tape. This will make it look 3 dimensional.

Keep repeating the process, with smaller pieces of the same picture or pattern, so that different parts become more (or less) pronounced.

Art on Canvas

Scrapbook papers are works of art all on their own, and they can easily be mounted on to stretched canvas to hang on the wall. Either cover the back of the page with Jac paper (like a sheet of double sided sellotape – available from all craft stores), or use decoupage techniques to paste it into place.

If you are unsure as to how to mount your paper, ask at your local scrapbook store or simply put your paper into a frame.

Funky Furniture

coffee table covered with scrapbook paper

Source: Pinterest

Add interest to an old wooden table by cutting and sticking scrapbook papers over the top. Look for a water-based adhesive like Decopodge or Modge Podge, and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. You can also use ordinary PVA, but you will have to experiment with getting the consistency just right.

Once the paper is completely dry, you can coat the table top with a clear varnish. For a really glassy finish you can pour resin over the top, provided you seal the paper with a water based sealer first.

Notebook and CD Covers

Cover plain notebooks, diaries or recipe books with scrapbook paper to create a truly unique gift or something special for yourself. Covering the back with Jac paper, will create a self sticking book cover.

To make funky CD and DVD covers for your downloaded music, simply cut and paste your scrapbook paper onto lightweight card, and slide it into the front of the case.

Candle Holders

Jar candle holder with scrapbook paper candlelight

Source: recipebookandmore.wordpress.com

Use watered down PVA, Modge Podge or Decopodge to glue ripped up paper onto the outside of a plain drinking glass, then paint a layer of glue over the top.

Drop a tea light candle into the glass, and you have an awesome candle holder which can be used inside or out. The light radiates through the paper to create a stained glass effect.

Gift Boxes and Bags

Personalise a special present by making a gift box or bag, and a card and envelope to match. There are some great books available with untold box designs, or watch this space for some box templates, coming soon.

If you don’t have any box templates to use, try decorating an empty coffee tin or Pringles canister. Tins make great gift containers, and are good for filling with homemade sweets and buscuits.

Fridge Magnets

Mount scrapbook paper onto heavy card and glue a magnet onto the back. Magnets can be bought from most craft shops, but you can also find them at hardware stores. (We use the free promotional magnets that we get in the post.) Papers with quotes are especially fun to have on the fridge, or make up a collage from all your scraps.

To make the magnet really functional, glue a clothes peg to the bottom so you can attach notes and lists.

Quick and Easy

  • Use all your scrapbooking scraps to embellish a plain photo frame, and put your favourite photo inside. It’s like having a scrapbooking layout, outside of the album. Frames with a wide border work best, but you can use just about anything.
  • Take a plain cork notice board, and cover it in full sheets of scrapbooking paper to create a pin board that is a little out-of-the-ordinary. There are some great kids designs available, which would make awesome pin boards for a child’s room.
  • Use craft punches to cut out cool shapes from all your paper scraps. Keep them in a container, and whenever you are sending a card or letter pop a few in the envelope. It’s a nice cheery surprise for the person receiving the card, and it doesn’t make mess on the carpet like glitter does.
  • Jazz up a plain plastic clock by removing the front, and gluing cool scrapbook paper onto the face. Make sure you keep the glue away from the hand mechanism so that the clock continues to work.
  • If your child has a puzzle that is missing half the pieces, you no longer need to throw it out. Use your scrapbook paper and embellishments to decorate the puzzle pieces, and turn them into mini works of art. You can attach a brooch pin, glue on a magnet, or simply put them in a tiny frame for the wall.

Scrapbooking paper can be used to decorate just about anything, so think outside the square and start looking at what needs jazzing up around your home. Check out our Creative arts and crafts section for 1,000’s more great crafting ideas

The Kiwi Families Team

This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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