Turning 13 is a huge milestone, so why not celebrate with birthday parties that are just as awesome? Don’t worry, you don’t need to break the bank to make it special. Here’s our list of 13th birthday party ideas for teenagers that are fun, memorable, and easy on the wallet.

It can be really tricky managing the minefield that is teenage birthday parties. Once your child gets to the age of 16+, they’ll be over ‘family’ parties, and wanting to hang out with their friends more.

But you’ve still got a few more years of great birthday parties to be had. So make the most of it!

We’ve compiled an epic list of birthday party planning ideas for teenagers. From planning a party, to teenage birthday party themes, party venues and more!

And you should definitely read this article alongside our fun games for teens and tweens birthday parties article too.

Best 13th birthday Party Ideas

Planning a 13, 14 or 15 Year Old’s  Birthday Party

Once they hit the ‘teens’, your kid might think they’re too cool for balloons and cake! Be flexible and let them take the lead on planning a celebration they’ll actually enjoy.”

“Warning: forcing a party-loving parent onto a party-hating child can lead to eye-rolls and awkwardness. Trust that they know how they want to celebrate, and support them even if it doesn’t involve a bouncy castle!

The key to a successful teen birthday is collaboration! Involve your teen in the planning, and let their preferences lead the way. Some might still enjoy a themed party, while others prefer a special outing or small gathering with close friends.

Whatever they decide, here’s some great ideas for making the day extra special.

Teenage Birthday Party Themes

You might find your teen is too old for traditional themed parties, but you can still tie the party together by choosing a specific colour, a type of food, or focusing on the type of entertainment.

Your invitations, food and decorations can reflect the theme, and give the party a bigger sense of occasion.

Some great teenage birthday party themes that are a little less formal, include:

Movie Night Party

Birthday party ideas for 13 year olds - movie party

For the ultimate movie party, transform your house into a full-blown movie theatre! Make snack trays out of cardboard boxes, and serve your guests popcorn, choc-dipped ice creams, and giant frozen fruit slushies!

Make your party invitations look like old-fashioned movie tickets, and for an extra touch of Hollywood glam, create invitations as red carpet premiere passes. For more on this party idea check out our Celebrity red carpet party theme.

Mum Tip: Want to turn a movie night into an epic slumber party? Tell guests (and their parents) to bring sleeping bags, pillows & blankets, and watch the excitement build as they realize they’re in for an all-night party.?

Beach Party

13th birthday party ideas-beach party

Hunt the many holiday rental websites like Book a Bach in New Zealand, Home Away in the US, Holiday Lettings in the UK, or Air BnB anywhere else in the world, and find something cool, beachy (or with a pool) and with plenty of room to spread out and chill.

Or, ask around, you could be surprised with just whose sister’s-cousin’s-aunt has one that they rent out, or would let you use for the weekend.

Pizza Party

Birthday ideas for 13 year olds - pizza party

Many teenagers love pizza, so a pizza party is an easy theme to pull off. There’s some more ideas on our Pizza Party party theme page. For a 13-year-old you probably want to go for the more full-on ‘make your own’ style pizza party. Just provide the dough and a range of different toppings, and let them roll out their own bases, and make up their own creations.

A super-easy version of this idea is just to order in a bulk-lot of pizzas, and get all your teens favourite movies to watch for the night!

High Tea Party

Birthday party ideas for 13 year olds - High tea

Get the girls to pull out their best dresses or raid their mother’s… sister’s… friend’s wardrobes and head out for the fine experience of high tea. Some girls may never have heard of high tea, so you may need to show them how!

You can have high tea in many places now, some are a bit average, so do your research and find one in your location that goes ‘all out’ and really makes it a true experience, and one worthy of a party. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and selfies for those insta-famous moments too.

Hunger Games Party

Birthday ideas for 13 year olds - hunger games

Now we’re not talking about the ‘woosie laser tag type’ one you go to when you’re 10! We’re talking a full on Hunger Games-esque, forest adventure, paint ball fight to the death (ok, not quite to the death, but you know, nearly!).

Picture your teens fully decked out in camo gear, full face masks and impressive looking machine guns – just like their video games. You’ll see they’ll even walk different when they strut off into the forest brandishing their weapons for what will be an epic showdown.

Music Party

13th birthday party ideas-music party

At 13+, music is probably a big part of your child’s life, and it’s a great theme for both boys and girls. Invitations can be written on old CD’s using a permanent marker.

One idea is to decorate your house to look like a recording studio with album covers, CD covers, posters, and fake trophies framing the walls. Organise a simple-to-use music software programme on a computer, and have your teen’s guests make their own music recording to take home on a funky USB stick.

You could go down the karaoke route. You can hire karaoke setups with microphones, screens, lights and speakers very cheaply. Or find someone with Playstation Rock Band to set up.

A third idea is to just download a bunch of music videos and hire in some great speakers, disco lights and maybe even a smoke machine, and just let them have a great dance party!

In home Cake Decorating Party

Birthday ideas for 13 year olds - cake decorating classes

In home classes are really big right now. And what better in home demo than a cake decorating class!

There’s lots of pastry chefs offering in home classes now in most regions. The best part about this idea is that the trainers will usually come to your house decked out with everything you need. That includes the cakes, all the decorating equipment, flavors, and all the materials and ingredients too.

The only downside to this idea is that it can get a little pricey for a large group. So you either want to keep this one down to just 2-3 closed friends. Or, see if you can find a baker who will come and do a class for a fixed fee, and maybe you supply the materials. But, the upside is that you end up with a lot of delicious cake to eat!

Mum Tip: My daughter wanted a unique birthday cake one year, so instead of buying one, we hosted a cake decorating party! The teens got creative with frosting, sprinkles, and candies – it was messy fun, but her cake turned out amazing!

Other ideas in this theme include diy craft classes (think pottery, art classes, embroidery, sewing, etc), in home cooking classes, make your own (think lip balms and bee balms, make up, personal care), make up parties, etc.

Pool Party

There’s no better way to celebrate a summer birthday than with a pool party! It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, perfect for teens who love to cool off, splash around, and have fun with friends. Get ready for laughter, sunshine, and unforgettable memories.

Mum Tip: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a pool! Many community centers or local parks have pools available for party rentals. I’ve even turned a friend’s pool into a backyard party destination – it makes for a special change of scenery.

Here’s how to make it a splash:

  • Decorations: Set the scene with beach balls, colorful towels, and fun pool noodles. String up some festive lights for an evening party.
  • Food: Offer easy-to-eat snacks like pizza slices, chips and dip, fruit skewers, hot dogs, and refreshing drinks. Consider a fun “build your own sundae” bar for a sweet treat.
  • Activities: Organize pool volleyball or water polo games, set up a diving board contest, or have a floating lounge competition. Don’t forget to have a great playlist!

Birthday Party Games for Teenagers

You know teens can get a little too cool for traditional party games. But don’t worry! Here are some ideas that are actually fun and won’t be met with eye rolls:

  • Murder Mystery Party: Put on your detective hats and solve a thrilling mystery. Get into character and see who can crack the case first.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Get them moving and thinking with a creative scavenger hunt. Hide clues, set challenges, and let their competitive spirits shine!
  • Two Truths and a Lie: This classic game is perfect for icebreaking and sparking conversation. Each person shares three statements, two true and one a lie. Can your guests figure out the fib?

Want even more awesome ideas? We’ve got a whole list of party games specifically designed to keep teens entertained. Check out our Party games for Teenagers article with some great ideas that are tried, tested and approved by the fussiest teenage kids.

Even More Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers (In Venues)

Rock Climbing-Kiwi Families

If the idea of having a party at home seems like too much chaos, why not have your child’s birthday party elsewhere.

There are plenty of great birthday party venues throughout the country, and your child could take one or two special friends, or a whole group of mates.

3 Key Tips for Booking a Venue

When choosing a venue for this age group, make sure you:

1. Consider your budget

Some teenage orientated activities can be quite expensive, but that doesn’t make them unobtainable. Let your child choose between a cheap activity for lots of guests, and a more expensive one for just them a one or two friends.

2. Consider your child’s choice

Ultimately you have the final say, but there’s little point booking a venue that you think is fabulous, only to find out they hate the idea. Teenagers have a habit of digging their toes in, so plan the party in consultation with them.

3. Decide if you’re going to be a part of the party

If you are not going to be there, you need to provide some ground rules and check with the venue regarding supervision. Parents of guests should be told if you are not staying at the venue, as they may have their own rules they may like to discuss with their child.

Our Favourite Teenage Birthday Party Venues

Adventure Parks

Whether it’s kayaking, white water rafting, horse riding, abseiling, motorcross, go karts, blokarts or 4 wheel driving – nothing feeds a teenager like adrenalin. Most countries have a good assortment of adventure based activities, and any of these parks or facilities are a great place to hold a party in the great outdoors.

For the most part, these types of adventure parks don’t offer specific ‘party options’, but they definitely know how to entertain a group. They provide fabulous activities complete with all the equipment and expert guidance, and can cater for people with all levels of experience.

Adventure activities vary in price but you can expect to pay between $25-75 per person for any one activity. Generally speaking, any activity that involves having a guide with you will cost a little more.

Sports Event or Concert

Every day there is a special event or concert happening somewhere in the country, and no matter where you live, a venue is never too far away.

Whether it’s a sports game, a concert, a racing meet, or a visit from the Dalai Lama – there is an event to suit the interests of absolutely everyone. Attending a special event on their birthday will definitely give your child something to celebrate.

Special events aren’t always expensive, especially if you’re buying several tickets at once. National league sports games can cost as little as $25, and concerts up to $250 and more, but the hype and excitement of being somewhere ‘live’ is definitely worth it.

Boat Trip

Spending a day out on a boat can be a real treat for a teenager, especially if it is a new experience. This is definitely one for the more outdoorsy types.

There are plenty of charter boat companies if you live close to the water, and each offer their own type of activities or packages. Fishing, snorkelling, dolphin watching, sailing and island tours are all possible. Kayaking is another popular option.

You can either charter a boat and crew for your own party, it will cost upwards of $250 per hour, and most will charter for a minimum of 2-3 hours. Fishing licenses and any other required fees are charged on a per person basis on top of that, and equipment hire varies from boat to boat. Or, you can join a shared excursion as a package, which can cost as little as $50 per person.

Day Spa

This is another great way to party like a teenager. And this one is more for the not-so-outdoorsy types.

Day spa parties offer all sorts of treatments from manicures and pedicures to massages, and depending on your budget your teenager could be pampered for one hour or a whole day. Hosting your child’s party at a day spa is a nice way to celebrate a milestone birthday such as their 16th, and they can share something really special with just a couple of best friends.

Prices can be quite affordable, if you’re just doing a manicure prices start from just $25 per person. Full day spa packages in resort-style spas will set you back $150 per person and more.

Even more party venues

  • Rock Climbing
  • Bowling Alley
  • Laser Strike
  • Movie Theater
  • Escape Rooms
  • ‘Grown Up’ Restaurant
  • Horse Riding
  • Art and Craft Workshop
  • Gaming Parlour
  • Blo Karting
  • Go Karting
  • A special sports event or concert
  • Aquatic Centre or Water Park
  • Amusement Park
  • Hotel Party

3 Tips for Making Teen Birthday Party Memories

Milestone birthdays are a great chance to introduce traditions and rituals to your family, and there’s at least a couple milestone years in the teens to celebrate!

That big transition toward adulthood, and your relationship with your child is going to change. Here are some nice ways to make memories on your child’s teen birthday years:

1. Contact their fav celeb

By the time your child becomes a teen (even a tween now!), it’s likely they’ve developed an interest in a specific sport or hobby, and chances are there’s someone ‘famous’ they look up to.

In New Zealand, we’re blessed to have celebrities who remember their roots and are happy to mentor our young people. That might be more difficult where you’re from. But think outside the box here.

Arranging a meeting with your child’s hero may not be possible or practical, but organising a letter or a birthday card from them is certainly a do-able feat. Tracking down your child’s hero will take some leg-work, but the contact you make will provide a lasting memory for your child.

2. Give them a grown up experience to remember

Give your birthday child a special dinner out, or the full day-spa experience, a weekend away with you on their own, or even an overseas family trip if it’s in the budget. Any special activity that feels more grown-up and lets you bond over what’s ahead will be perfect. This will surely be a birthday they remember, and a great opportunity to build a foundation for those ensuing teenage years!

3. Let them be a little more grown up

Make becoming a teenager a time when your child earns the right to do something a little more adult. Something like going to the movies on their own, or having their own debit card, or being able to do an experience on their own.

Whatever the ‘thing’ is, just keep the same rule for each child in the house, and they will all have something to look forward to as their birthday comes around. Being allowed to do the ‘thing’ is a gift on its own.

17 Tips for Negotiating Teen birthdays

teen birthday parties1. Do your teens know your family’s expectations?
Do they have a large party every year, or alternate every year with small/large, or are birthdays only a family/cousin event etc…

2. Initial idea brainstorm
Discuss way-way-way in advance that you are keen to hear their ideas.  Make a big list, put everything on there, even the crazy ones, even the ones that you know you will probably say no to, but let them float their ideas and your own ideas, throw them all out there. Your teen may appreciate that you didn’t say no outright to certain things straight away and that you will at least consider it.

3. Getting your heart set on it
Discuss with your teen and ask that they ‘don’t get their heart set on something before you have fully ‘thought it through’ or ‘don’t tell all their friends about it’ before you have all discussed it as an option… It’s way worse having to tell your friends it’s a no go if you have told them already.

4. Watch committing too early on
I’ve found its best not to ‘commit’ to anything too early or before I’ve thought it all through unless you are 120% sure you are ok with it and that it will work.

5. Narrow down the short list together
A few weeks later, sit down together and have an honest conversation, keep expectations real on both sides, be reasonable and cross of together the things that are an absolute no, or the ones that just won’t work. Narrow the list down, taking into consideration, weather issues, approximate costs, permission issues, if it will work for number of invites, things that have been done before, things that can’t be on this year’s list but could be a possible for next year etc… 

6. Research the short list
Once you have a ‘few’ idea’s left that are looking pretty good, do your research, that’s the parents researching and that’s getting the teen to research as well.

7. Teen research
Sometimes it’s a whole lot better a teen finding out themselves through their own research that their idea has to be canned because they maybe don’t reach the age requirement, or that it’s all booked up etc rather than the ‘parent having to pour cold water on it, but saying it’s not gonna happen’.  They can also see upfront hurdles or challenges they have to figure out in order for it to happen themselves.

8. Teen planning responsibilities
Make them take responsibilities from early on for helping with all parts of the organisation.
Teens can ring up to find out prices, ask questions about booking requirements, make lists of the steps that need to happen, work out with you reasonable budgets, make shopping lists and even go out and do all the buying with that budget in hand. If they aren’t confident making phone calls, get them to write down in their own words what they will say and what questions to ask (and to write down the answers).

9. Important party expectations to be discussed early on:

  • Numbers of friends to invite
  • Will it also be a Sleepover?
    (if this is be tacked on after a daytime activity, budget for cost of feeding hungry teens dinner, breakfast, maybe even lunch and snacks)
  • Will Boys/Girls be invited?
  • If opposite sex is invited, it is responsible to make this clear on the invitations for other parents to make their own decisions on if they are ok with that.
  • Where parents will be, what supervision must be had, what is negotiable?
    If they are paint balling, you might just be dropping them off.  But if it’s a weekend at the Campsite, then you are in the tent beside them.
  • Alcohol, will their friends have an expectation that there is going to be alcohol there, or will they ‘think’ they can bring it to your house or will they pre-load?
    Make it clear, once they hit their mid-teens, that this needs to be discussed openly and upfront with your family rules.
  • Drugs and stimulants, will friends ‘think’ they can bring them, use them beforehand or that you will have them?
  • If opposite sex is being invited, have clear expectations of sleeping arrangements and what behaviour is un/acceptable in your house. eg. Sex!

teen birthday parties

Yes, some of this stuff is scary to write and of course your teen is going to answer NO to many of those questions above probably initially.  But I urge you to discuss it further, change the questions around a little to gauge what is allowed in other homes to highlight any friend expectations issues that might arise.

10. Budget and working to help towards cost
If they want to do something that is outside of your budget.  Suggest they work for it. If your Teen has a part time job, they can help fund it, or do extra chores to work it off. We did this last year. I was happy to front the cost of her party activity for 10 girls + a big long sleepover, but she was heart set on inviting 5 more. So I put up 75% of the cost and Miss 15 worked for the other 25%.  It worked well and gave her more ownership in planning the party.

11. Friends Paying
You could also consider asking your friends to pay for a portion.  This isn’t right for everyone, but float the idea. It’s quite common place now for many of the parties Miss 15 goes to that if they are doing a significant activity that they either pay for it, or help pay for the activity, then the family does all the rest like food, transport and sleepover is taken care of.
Sometimes she has paid for their dinner out, but the rest of the activities are covered. In our house sometimes we have paid for all of the expense of a large activity, but asked them all to bring ‘a few snacks/soft drinks etc’.

12. Invites
Now they are older, they’re less interested in having printed party invitations with all the details.
So what we do now is, Miss 15 can tell, message, email the main details to her friends so they all know what they are doing etc…and they can ‘group chat’ about all the deets and what they are wearing and what they are bringing and what bus they are coming on…who’s coming at what time…who has sports training or shows to work around…palaver…believe me it’s like herding cats sometimes ironing out those finer details.

13. Informing friends’ parents
But on top of her organisation, then I always message each parent ‘my’ version of those final details too. So they know what parts I will be there for, which parts I won’t be, if required.  How they are getting where. Times, places etc. This year, I will be highlighting that it is an ‘Alcohol and Drug Free’ party so the expectation is that their teens won’t try and bring any (and won’t have beforehand), seems it is cropping up now sometimes in the parties she is invited to.

Also as teens, not all the right information filters through to parents, so this is my double check. I remind them to contact me with any questions beforehand or at the time to ‘Mum Check’ anything at all so it’s transparent. I remind them my phone number and our home address, especially if they are a new friend so they know where to find them as they might not be dropping them off if coming straight from school or public transport etc…

14. Sending teens home
Miss 15 knows I wouldn’t hesitate to call a parent if need be.  I would deal with the teen as I saw fit at the time, but think to myself ‘if this happened at a party, would I want to know about it?’ Is it a during the night call ‘Hey something needs to be done’ or ‘This is what I’m doing, do you agree?’ call, or is it a in the morning out of courtesy call to ‘Let them know this is what happened’? Fortunately I haven’t had to yet, but I know the time will come one day… just as my own Mother was called about ‘me’ a few times in my teens where I was needed to be picked up!

15. Friends (or her own) negative choices
Your teens can’t ‘control’ what choices their friends make…But Miss 15 knows that my expectation of her is she knows our ‘family expectations’ and what is ok and what is not.

The responsibility she has is to speak up if something is not ok.  That if a friend of hers does make a negative choice (or herself), turns up at our place after drinking, or whips out the hip flask at 3am mid-sleepover, invites other people over that I don’t know about etc… that she speaks up and say’s hey, not ok.

To come and get me, wake me up, call me whatever and say, hey, this happened and then we will find a way to deal with it. That I will respect that way more and see that as taking good responsibility of asking for help, going forward rather than afterwards and having to deal with negative consequences and she didn’t speak up on.

16. Use Mum as an excuse
Miss 15 knows she can use me as an excuse/the bad guy anytime.
No, we can’t do that because Mum said no…or Mum said I would be grounded for three months if I did that…or Mum said I would be taken away from all my Electronic Privileges if I did…or Mum said I won’t be allowed to go to Homegrown…or Mum said she won’t hesitate to call your parents…whatever.

I’m happy to be the fall guy if it helps her make a good decision.

17. See the big picture
It’s hard, but try, really really hard to take a step back and see the big picture. Yes, this is your baby…but ask yourself ‘How do they handle each new responsibility you have given them so far’?

Do they frequently show you can trust them through their actions? Is it appropriate to take the next step, or is it not right this time?

This applies to the likes of allowing young teens to stay at an activity by themselves after you have dropped them off, right through to saying yes to a full on ‘House Party’ with bouncers when they are 17.

Sometimes you need to stay steadfastly rock solid on the stance you have taken for your family and your Teen.

Other times you need to reconsider that this is the next careful step to take.

I encourage you to not feel pressure from ‘mainstream’ or other teen’s expectations.

Make clear, researched, well throughout decisions on the Big Stuff and be open to negotiating or being more relaxed on the Small Stuff. For example, maybe you are saying no to attending that party/sleepover as no parents will be home all night, but if you feel comfortable with the friend/family/situation you can maybe say yes to attending the Party, but the pickup will be 12pm.

Teens… It’s hard… I feel for every parent out their making decisions for their teens at the moment… and second guessing themselves…or is that just me? Remember, if you have to say an educated NO, your teen WON’T hate you forever, regardless of what they yell at the time.


Turning 13 is a big deal, so teenage birthday parties should still be a big deal too! Make it a special milestone with a fantastic theme, fun games, great food, and an epic celebration. Remember those thoughtful touches that make your teen feel truly loved – whether that’s a personalized gift, a memorable outing, or a sincere ‘Happy Birthday’ from a favorite celebrity. And to carry those happy memories with them, don’t forget those classic party favors that guests can enjoy long after the party ends.

With a little planning, you can help your teen create awesome birthday memories that will last a lifetime. So whether it’s a casual pizza party with the crew, or an adrenaline-pumping adventure experience, go all out to make them feel special!

Best of luck with your teenage birthday party planning, we hope you all have a great day when it arrives.

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Shiska Bob

These are not accurate!!!! Teens live preppy themes. This feels like a 10 yr old party!

cadence bugeja

this what a very helpful page me and my daughter got the best party idea thanks to you its a night we wont forget

Jarrod Rendle

Awesomeness!! — Kiwi Families


Hi!! Thank you for the great ideas. I’ve been stuck for a while, trying to figure out ideas on what to do. TBH, I get stuck basically every year! My family are usually the people who come up with the ideas. LOL. Anyway, I haven’t been sure what to do for a while. My birthday’s in a month and one day, so I’m trying to figure out what to do FAST!! There is this water park near me, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it because of COVID and staffing issues. I really like the movie… Read more »

Jarrod Rendle

You could try some of the ideas from our full teenage birthday section: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/topics/tweens-and-teens/teenager-birthdays/ — Kiwi Families


Hi!! Thank you for the great ideas. I’ve been stuck for a while, trying to figure out ideas on what to do. TBH, I get stuck basically every year! My family are usually the people who come up with the ideas. LOL Anyway, I haven’t been sure what to do for a while. My birthday’s in a month and one day, so I’m trying to figure out what to do FAST!! There is this water park near me, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it because of COVID and staffing issues. I really like the movie… Read more »


benjamin can shut up bro, anyways. . . i think that you should also add dance parties or bowling to the list altho it is a little bit weird for a 13 year old.

Jarrod Rendle

Ten pin bowling is on there, thanks. The dance party is a good idea, do you mean like hiring a DJ setup, disco ball and smoke machine, and having your very own at-home dance party? — Kiwi Families

can not say

I like more for the socially awkward kids but besides that 10 out of 10.

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try and look for something like that for an update this year! — Jarrod


I’m turning thirteen next month on halloween.

Jarrod Rendle


Elizabeth Kruken

I don’t understand why everyone is being mean about this site. It has been very helpful to me. I’m turning 13 soon and I seem like the only mature one here. I’m not bragging at all. Everyone who is on here are acting childish. Please stop being rude. I want to enjoy this site without little kids screaming at me.

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for your thoughts. The tween years are a tricky time for all. Some kids are growing up first and wanting to assert their teenager-ness, and that’s totally cool. But for those tweens who want to hold on to childhood for a little bit longer, games are still cool, and themed party ideas are still fun. Each to their own, we always say! — Jarrod

~ mikennea, or mik! ~

i think if anything at least in my case, most kids at this age are sad they are growing up and don’t want to be treated as adults. but its probably different everywhere!


I just wanna say “Hi!” And have a great day! And thx for the advice, I made some ideas in my “Brain,” it’s more of a empty room, I love this sight and I think some teens would love it like I do!

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks Ashley! — Kiwi Families


Great help ✰♡


pretty trash


It’s trash to you and probably because you don’t have kids of your own or something I wouldn’t say this is for teens mabye 11-14 year old but they are some pretty great party ideas and if you don’t like them you don’t have to comment it because someone worked really hard to create this site

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for your support, and yes, we do work really hard to bring you this content! — Kiwi Families


If your daughter wants to, you should let them invite boys! Just because they want to invite boys, doesn’t mean they are going to fall in love or whatever. Just don’t allow them at sleepovers.

Hey, Just a Tip

Y’all seem really sweet… but I feel these ideas don’t fit a 13-year-old. I’m really stuck on what I can do ON A BUDGET. Also, kids like to socialize more when they’re older, so things like movies don’t attract teens. Just some tips, but great effort!


i only have one friend. what do I do?


Hi don’t know if you will reply but I just found this site and I need your help please!? I’m having trouble deciding what theme/s and games to include on my special day. All I know is that its gonna be a sleepover definitely. Could you help me decide what to actually do on the day.

Cheers, Emily


I turn 13 next week and I don’t know what to do for my party.! None of these themes are like me please help I want it to be really fun but I don’t know what to do !,!

Jarrod Rendle

Check out the rest of our party themes: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/topics/tweens-and-teens/teenager-birthdays/ — Kiwi Families


help my birthday is next month I need a good idea. HHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLPPP!!!! ME!!!!


I think that the movie one is awesome I am going to do that for my 13th birthday party

Justin Bieber

Thanks that kinda helped my younger sister is turning 13 soon.

Megan stanton

Soo my birthday is during quarantine any party ideas


Listen, I like your ideas and all, but if you are going to make a list of themed parties for teens, talk to the teens. Let them plan the party. Give them a budget and let them go crazy, because you know what, they are completely capable of doing so. They want to be trusted with more responsibilities and be grown up, let em’ have it (in moderation, of course). Please, let the kids think for themselves, don’t make them be rooted by the traditions and ways of past generations.

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for your comment. We totally agree. By 13 you should definitely have the most say in how you want to celebrate your day… within reason of course 🙂 — Kiwi Families


These ideas are amazing , I would recommend it to anyone.

Katie East

Should I celebrate my 13th Birthday like how others celebrate Sweet 16?


I didn’t find anything I wanted. i mean sure there were some ideas for a birthday party but not many, and most of them i have already done, or they sound boring. I would be great if there were more really cool ideas!!

Benjamin Isaacs

Just ugh i hate it all
well some ideas were good but all these comets about what we do it is rather offensive

Hey, Just a Tip

I agree! I feel they’re not representing us teens well

Don’t be rude Benjamin issac

Don’t be rude man

Benjamin Isaacs

comment image

You are a stupid site kids like things you say they dont this site is very stereo typical

Tee Snm

yh kids dont fuss over parties but the themes are wrong


I don’t know what to do for my birthday party!!! please help!!! I have groups of friends in different classes that don’t get on and I don’t want to make anyone left out. my party needs to be easy because my mum will have just had a baby!!! help!!!


Hi there, it can be tricky trying to entertain groups of friends that don’t get along. Our suggestion would be a movie-themed party. With everyone hanging out watching movies, there’ll be less need for you to become a referee! You can easily make big batches of popcorn, super-slushies, and choc-dipped icecreams at home. Make sure the movie area is really cosy with cushions and blankets. And you could theme your invites like VIP movie tickets, and even print off classic movie posters to stick to the walls. Just make sure you pick a range of movies that will suit everyone’s… Read more »


hi I turned 13 a week ago but I’m having my birthday party this weekend and my mom is planning this redneck party a couple of my friends are going to be there and so is my whole family… we half to dress redneck and act like them 2 I sounds fun and I bet it will be but do u think my friends will like it or think its cool?

Er er

If you were my friend I’d hate that party.


Hi i am turning 13 soon and i have no idea what to do, the ideas are great i can’t choose, any ideas? And for all thoese people who are saying these ideas are lame and stuff other people might not think so, everyone is different


Need thoughts? I am having a surprise 13th party for my daughter. It is going to be a glow in the dark theme. Everything, I mean everything will be glow in the dark. She is helping with the guest and that is about it. I planned on setting up the volleyball net up and having the Balloon Dare Game, and designing their own glow shirts. The adults will be present because it will be coed but I was going to allow them to basically set the schedule of when they want to do what. With exception of doing the shirts… Read more »

its me hoe

that sounds freaking amazing I am 12 going on 13 and I needed ideas I’m probably going to do that


I’m turning thirteen in November and I actually think that’s a pretty cool idea.

Jarrod Rendle

Awesome, and have a great birthday! — Kiwi Families

Harshada Hem

it was quite interesting topic and idea too !!!!!!! i hope it will work on my birthday………. thanks a lot guyz!!!!!!!!


well for my 13th bday party i had an amazing race bday party…..and it was the best birthday party i have ever had

Rochelle Gribble

Fun! What kids of activities did you do??

Caitie G

I turn 13 in 4 and a bit months and I completely agree with ‘Itchy Kitty’. Every single word she commented was completely true. We love just playing truth or dare, gossiping and talking. For my friends graduation party from Primary School all we did was talk about our crushes because we would never see most of them again. If 13 year olds want a cheap party. Think of a theme you would to do and then find some cheap decorating ideas etc. Thats what I’m doing. I have a limit of 12-15 people and am finding it very hard… Read more »

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That’s a limit?! I wouldn’t even be able to get that many people


Hi im turning 13 in 4 months and want to be organized and i have my themes but should i have a big party with everyone at school or school it just be me and the girls?


The thing is, everyone is different. Some people would love the ideas while others would hate them. I’m 12 turning 13 in 2 weeks and I like the ideas here. However, some of my friends think we could do different things. These ideas are here if you want them, so don’t criticise them. They’re just IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS. If you didn’t like them, just go somewhere else. Personally, I think I’m goting to use a lot of these ideas. For me, they’re quite inreresting and I think a lot of what’s said depends on the individual and their friends. Thank you for… Read more »


I am planning to do a candy themed birthday party for my 13th birthday party. I plan on having a candy scavenger hunt and a game where you pick two m&m’s if they are the same color you eat them but if they aren’t you keep them in your mouth. Do you think this it too childish and not lame?

Rochelle Gribble

Hi Kristine – that’s sounds fab! Hope you have a ball!


That sounds pretty fun! I don’t think that is childish for your age.


Im actually turning thirteen and a lot of this isnt true
Just because we are getting older doesnt mean we want to be treated as adults we want to stay young so we like being childish from time to time and birthday parties are the best chance to do that


bbch234 •why do you have a boyfriend


I’m turning 13 and all I want is a party! A ‘mature’ disco. I want it in a nice venue with no alcohol but yiu can dance not silly activities like rock climbing. I did that for my 10th We’re girls all we want to do is dance


These ideas were pretty cool I liked the game ideas and blo Karting sounds cool


I’m 11 turning 12 and I’m going to invite 3 girls (to spend the night) and my boyfriend (NOT to spend the night) what should we do at my party I don’t want anything inappropriate though.


I don’t want to make him uncomfortable


Why doesn’t everyone that is commenting be quiet.. Do you realize you guys are being rude dumb asses because this person tried helping your parents. I’m 13 and I’m pretty sure a restaurant, movie, concert, etc, would be fun! And even a letter from someone like Katy Perry would really be cool! Stop being spoiled and remember that there is kids out there without a home and something as small as face painting would be the biggest present to them. -.- Don’t be a snob and enjoy what you have right now!


This web site suck I am 13 and I hate all of this


Hey man, take it easy with these guys they are trying their best


ok I don’t turn 13 till 4 months but I have my party planned I am goin skatin, movies, sleepover, bowlin , then out to eat. so ya we hav a lot to do it will be awesome

Amber-Rose Davies



This website didnt help me at all for planning my birthday party. My birthday party is going to be at a mall and i need a few activities to do after or before


I am turning 13 at the end of march and I am completely stumped I wanted it to be with friends and family and I have no idea where to have my party I want the party to be special though

Sally @ Kiwi Families

Hi doglover123. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing party with your great attitude about providing something special for friends and family. To give you some ideas, we asked our Facebook friends for venues that might help you achieve your goal, and there are some great ideas here: https://www.facebook.com/kiwifamilies/posts/641982725860359 – Have fun!

lara :)

All of this sounds fun but my birthday is in 19 days. And it’s winter. And it’s a boy girl party. My first one two. I mean after all it is my 13th birthday. I would like to go bowling but then I can’t really talk to anyone. I also want to go rollerskating, yet so many people use that for their “go to.” I want my party to be unique and you know FUN. Like the color thing, and sticking to food and talking. But I want games. Unique, 13 year old, 7th grader games. Any ideas? Anyone want… Read more »

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