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Kiwi Men Romantics at Heart – Valentine’s Day

Kiwi Men Romantics at Heart - Valentine's Day

New research shows Kiwi men are romantic, believe in love at first sight, spend more on Valentine’s Day than their partners, and would rather cuddle up as a couple, than spend time alone according to a new study.
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Keeping your children ‘roast’ proof

Keeping your children 'roast' proof

Like you, I’m sure, I’ve been horrified at the emerging story about the ‘roast busters‘ here in New Zealand. It seems like every day, there’s a more horrifying dimension to the story – from the attitude of the offenders to the inaction of the police. I’m mum to three girls and the thought of them being exposed to this kind of experience is almost too awful to contemplate. Right now, I’ve been thinking about ways that I can help my daughters stay safe out there.  Continue reading »

Sexual education and emotions

Sexual education and emotions

This article discusses the emotions that surround sexual behaviour and relationships and including them in sexuality education for children and teenagers. Continue reading »

Sex education – sexually transmitted infections

Sex education – sexually transmitted infections

This article discusses sexually transmitted infections (STI) or sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as part of sex education for teenagers in New Zealand today. Continue reading »

Sex education – the practicalities


What sex education do children and teenagers need and when? Sex education is a very emotive topic, but we also need to deal with the practicalities. Continue reading »

Hormones and self control

I live in a world surrounded by males. With six brothers and no sisters, four sons and no daughters and a husband, you could say that I have been well and truly punished for all the terrible things I’ve said about men in my life.

Occasionally I reflect on what life might be like if I had a female kindred spirit, someone to accompany me shopping.  Let’s face it, it’s not cool if you are a teenage boy to be seen in any women’s fashion store. That’s not to say that boys don’t like shopping, but it’s mostly sports shops, electronics, bikes and of course, the trendy surf shops.

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The facts of life


It’s the age old parent’s fear and dilemma. When to tell your child the facts of life? My tuppence worth.

Do it earlier than you think advisable, and make sure you do it before someone else gets in first.

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The birds and the bees

The birds and the bees

I was trying to recall how and when I learnt about the birds and the bees. I know for sure there was never any mother-daughter, or for that matter father-daughter, confidential chat to educate me on the facts of life. It was a combination of girl chatter at school and in the changing rooms at various squash clubs around the country.

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