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Nostalgia Tourism – Recreating childhood holiday memories

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown-Kiwi Families

At this time of year, we‚Äôre all looking forward to some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to relax and re-charge and enjoy the warmer Summer weather. Find out more about nostalgia tourism, and how to recreate your own childhood holiday memories.¬† Continue reading »

Managing your Child’s Natural Frustrations

Managing your Childs Natural Frustrations

It’s a child’s natural response to protest against our parental demands (on their time, space, behaviour, activities, etc.). But a child’s protests are all part of their development. It’s our responsibility as parents to manage our children’s¬†natural frustrations as an important¬†aspect of learning boundaries and tolerances.¬† Continue reading »

Developing good food habits in kids

Developing good food habits in kids

There‚Äôs an old chant many parents will remember: ‚ÄúNobody loves me, everybody hates me; I‚Äôm going down the garden to eat some worms.‚ÄĚ Challenging behaviour from small children may well make the most saint-like parent feel unloved and inclined to eat worms, but rather than heading down the garden on your own, it might be worth taking the challenging small child with you. Not to eat worms, preferably, but to mess about in the garden. It might help both of you! Continue reading »

How we used online tools to save $57,653

How we used online tools to save

In this article you’re going to find out exactly how we used online tools to save $57,653. I’ve worked in the consumer information industry for more than 15 years, so these online tools are second nature to me. And I think most people will be familiar with some¬†of them, but I doubt everyone uses all of them. Which is kind of crazy!

Continue reading »

Lunch box reviews for New Zealand lunch boxes

Looking for the right lunch box to suit your family’s needs can be somewhat of a mammoth task. So here at Kiwi Families we’ve made the job a little easier for you, by compiling our lunch box reviews all in one place.

Over our time at Kiwi Families we’ve been given the opportunity to review a number of different lunch boxes. So we hope by putting this all in one place for you, it makes your search a¬†whole lot quicker. Continue reading »

Quality time to gift the quality of kindness


Christmas, oh Christmas! ‚ÄėTis the season to be jolly! To offer presents of presence, slowing down with family to create everlasting memories and connections. While ideally inspiring gifts that go beyond the glistening wrapping paper strewn on the floor. Continue reading »

Preparing home alone Teens for a crisis


Teenagers spend quite a lot of time home alone, after school, holidays, into the evenings and also sometimes overnight while parents are at work, away or even just out?¬† Continue reading »

Learn, teach and grow


This article’s title¬†covers a lot of the parenting experience! Learning and teaching is a two-way street ‚Äď you and your kids are both engaged in learning and teaching all the time, and it‚Äôs not always the parent who does the teaching. Continue reading »

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

With Christmas 2017 just around the corner now, we thought we might collect up our best Christmas content into one place for you. Continue reading »

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

Sphero R2-D2 Robot

There’s nothing cooler at Christmas¬†than opening up the coolest of cool Christmas presents under the tree. Then spending the whole rest of the day playing with your new, cool toy relentlessly. When¬†we were kids we all got that coolest of cool toy under the tree, so¬†we know that feeling well.¬† Continue reading »

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