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6 Classic Kiwi Roadtrip Ideas with Kids

Hobbiton Movie Set at Dusk

As the days get shorter, I begin to wonder how much longer we can sit out on our deck enjoying the sunshine. There’s so much of New Zealand to enjoy before we head into winter. Here’s 6 classic kiwi roadtrip ideas with kids to get you thinking about it too. Continue reading »

Have your kids got their Kiwi Guardians medal?


The Department of Conservation and Toyota have teamed up to make getting into nature easy and fun with a series of Adventure and Action challenges for your kids. Find out more about the Toyota Kiwi Guardians programme, and how your kids can earn medals just by getting outside. Continue reading »

Top 10 tips for cycling with kids


Good weather and school holidays are just the excuse you’ve been looking for to get out on your bikes. What better way to wear out your kids, get outdoors and have fun together. Read our top tips for cycling with kids and keeping it safe and fun these holidays. Continue reading »

Exercise motivation for Mums and Mini-mes

motivation for mums and kids

I constantly hear protests from Mums who say they don’t have time to exercise – that they’re exhausted by the time the kids are in bed and don’t get enough sleep to have energy for exercise! So here’s some exercise motivation for Mums and Mini-mes. Continue reading »

Out and about family activities

Learning Maori

Feel like your family is stuck in an exercise rut and need some ideas other than a visit to your local school playground or park? We rarely think to act like a tourist in our own city, but there are plenty of interesting things to do if you give it a go. Continue reading »

Getting teens active with the family


Prying older kids away from television, phone and computer screens can be a difficult task at times; especially when you’re trying to do it so they will participate in activities as part of the family. Continue reading »

How playing with your children will help them at school


Most teachers, when asked what parents can do to support their children at school, would suggest parents spend more time with their children, encouraging active learning. They’d ask for televisions, Playstations, iPads and other devices to be turned off, and for children to get outside to play, go biking, do sports, or other such activities with their family. Find out how playing with your children will help them at school. Continue reading »

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