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Sarah Aiono

Sarah Aiono is mum of three cheeky kids with an age span of 11 years. She holds a B.Ed (Dip Tchg), PGd.Dip.Ed (Dist) and a Master of Education. She is an Accredited Incredible Years Facilitator and Peer Coach. Sarah currently works as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, working alongside teachers to support their understanding of child behaviour and how to manage it appropriately in the classroom. You can read more about Sarah on her blog.

Reigniting passion for learning – A journey into home schooling

home schooling

One of the hardest decisions we ever had to make as a family was to withdraw our 8 year old daughter from school and embark on our adventure as home-schoolers. We are a family of passionate learners – eager to experience all that the world has to offer. Unfortunately, our daughter attending school on a daily basis was taking its toll on this passion to the point where we were literally seeing the spark go out in our daughters’ eyes. Continue reading »

The challenge of anxious behaviour

The challenge of anxious behaviour

If your family is anything like ours, life is never predictable and certainly never stands still. Challenges to our family’s way of life, our values, our routines and our relationships all come and go and are managed as best they can. Sometimes these challenges manifest in undesirable actions, creating another challenge, the challenge of anxious behaviour.  Continue reading »

Making the most of your parent teacher meeting

parent teacher meetings

As the first term closes, many schools have either already held their first parent teacher meetings, or will be indicating their availability for these meetings early in Term 2. For many of us, the way these meetings are now run will be vastly different to when our parents attended interviews about us as students. Continue reading »

When Boredom Strikes, Creativity Takes Over

When Boredom Strikes Creativity Takes Over

Creative thinkers and doers have shaped our world’s history and contributed to the future direction of the human race for centuries. Find out what the link is between boredom and creative thinking.  Continue reading »

The Traditions of Christmas


I can still remember the anticipation and excitement as the weather warmed, the days got longer and Christmas decorations and music started to appear in the shops at this time of the year. It was a wondrous feeling, the anticipation that magic was in the air and that somewhere out there, was a big old fat man in a red suit who was thinking about me and what I might like for Christmas. What made it even more special, I think, is that he lived in a far-away place where it was cold, and snowy – a very foreign idea to a Kiwi girl from the southern hemisphere. The traditions of Christmas are part of what makes the magic and part of the legacy we pass on to our children.  Continue reading »

At the end of the day, it is just about balance

screen time family tv

In an age where we literally have an array of technological devices at our fingertips, there are a high number of articles, blogs and opinion pieces espousing the dangers of ‘screen time’ for our young people. At the same time, there are conflicting opinions highlighting the way in which technology can serve to bolster our children’s education and work to support learners as they move through their education pathways. So as parents, how do we distinguish what technology is beneficial for our children and their learning? Whose opinions do we take advice from? Continue reading »

The importance of loving connections on baby’s brain growth

dad and baby

I work supporting teachers to comprehend and manage children who find school difficult to understand and work in.  Of late, I have been working to assist teachers to understand the impacts on children’s brain development because of their early experiences as babies.  Many teachers are only just becoming aware that some children’s brains are ‘wired’ differently as a result of the way in which they have interacted with adults in the first three years of their lives.  Continue reading »

Making a creative life for your kids

Creative children

In a time where the school curriculum seems to become narrower and narrower, outlets for expressing creativity are becoming more and more vital in the lives of our children.  Schools are time-pressured to deliver lessons around literacy and numeracy and as such, subjects such as art, music, drama and dance tend to suffer the most.  Unfortunately, many of our children who find literacy and numeracy difficult, have talents in the arts areas that, without stimulation, will go unnoticed.  Many of our challenging boys, for example, often have shown incredible artistic, musical or dancing ability – and seem to take on a whole new persona when in the midst of creating their own unique piece. Continue reading »

Resetting sustainable routines after the holiday break

Back to school routines

With the school holiday already becoming a distant memory, and the school term getting into full swing, it’s an ideal time to establish some routines and expectations in the household for the whole family. Here’s some great ideas for resetting sustainable routines after the holiday break. Continue reading »

Preparing your child for the new school year

Preparing your child to start school

As the school year draws to an end, and the Christmas season begins, parents tend to breath a sigh of relief that the morning school rush will soon finish, that tired children will have opportunities to catch up on sleep and that there will be a break in the need to complete homework, rush between after school activities and find the illusive school hat that keeps disappearing just when it is needed. Little thought is given to the idea that at the end of the eternal six week holiday children will be once again heading back to start a new school year.  Continue reading »

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