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Star shaped sugar cookie recipe


Perfect for festive occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or Matariki, this classic sugar cookie recipe is always a crowd pleaser. The thing I like most about these sugar cookies is that they’re super-simple to make with kids. This version even has an easy icing option that kids can have a go with, especially if you use a squeeze bottle rather than the piping bag. Continue reading »

Matariki water paint and glitter art


Matariki is a great time of year to celebrate and learn more about Maori culture. One way we’re doing this in our family is through story books. My Daughter and I read The Seven Kites of Matariki by Calico McClintock and this inspired us to create a night sky art project with the 7 kites of Matariki in it. Continue reading »

7 Marvellous Matariki Crafts for Kids

How to make harakeke whetu or flax stars

Matariki is a small group of stars – the constellation Pleiades – that reappear in the sky in winter (in late May or early June) and, through the winter and spring, rise in the night sky just before dawn. Continue reading »

Celebrating happiness

celebrating happiness

We’re heading into the Christmas / Chanukah Holiday “Silly” Season. It’s also the time of the summer solstice, when the southern hemisphere has turned its belly up towards the Sun. It’s a holiday time, a time of celebration. Continue reading »

Celebrating every day

celebrating every day

I don’t know whether it’s clichĂ© or a snippet out of a self-help seminar welcome packet, but lately every day feels like a celebration. Continue reading »

Use the good stuff

Use the good stuff

I remember a tale I heard years ago that has really stuck with me. It was about a two friends clearing away the possessions of an elderly mother who had just recently passed away and they came across all these dusty unused scented candles, where the scent had long since faded. One friend explained that her mother was saving them for a special occasion to use them. Sadly an occasion that special hadn’t come about. Continue reading »

Celebrate a relationship with your financial advisor!

financial advisor

I’m very excited to write about this topic this month because I actually have a couple of recent events that I can share with you which I believe are well worth celebrating! Continue reading »

Summer food celebration

summer food

It’s that time of year again, come around before we even had time to say “Ho, ho, ho.” (Or “humbug,” depending on our attitude…).  Continue reading »

23 Super Ideas to Celebrate Children’s Day

13 more ways to celebrate childrens day

With Children’s Day just around the corner on Sunday, 3 March in New Zealand, we thought you might appreciate some awesome ideas on how to celebrate this special day with your precious little ones. Continue reading »

Father’s Day in New Zealand


Father’s Day in New Zealand is a special day to recognise and celebrate the role fathers play in our life. Whether it’s your Dad, step-Dad, foster Dad or just a special father figure who has helped you along the way, Father’s Day NZ is your chance to say ‘Thank You’.

Continue reading »

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