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Great Kiwi Families: Jackie Kulak and Grey + Wild

Great Kiwi Families

In our series on Great Kiwi Families we get to meet kiwis (new and old!) who are doing cool things. Jackie Kulak is a new-to-New Zealand mum with an eye for style, whose whole family has had a new beginning. Not only has the family recently moved from the UK, but Jackie has opened a stunning new store in Takapuna – Grey +Wild. Here’s some more about Jackie’s new beginning. Continue reading »

Mum creating quality entertainment for girls

Sylvie & Arabella

To look at me, you might see a bit of a Mumsie. And you‚Äôd be right! I‚Äôm 46 years old, with two daughters, a sedate driving style and a fondness for macram√©. Ok that last bit is a joke, but then again, I was genuinely excited when we bought a new sofa recently! And there are other signs of middle age, if you go looking. My grey roots, for example‚Ķ Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Jess Berentson-Shaw and muka kids

Great Kiwi Families

One of the things we love about our series on Great Kiwi Families is the way that we get to meet so many people who are following their dreams. This month, we spoke to¬†Jess Berentson-Shaw, who founded muka kids – a social enterprise to help make beautiful ethical and sustainable¬†clothing¬†more¬†accessible.¬† Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Grace Xue

Great Kiwi Families: Grace Xue

Our theme over October and November is ‘Following your Dreams’ and we’re so enjoying meeting people who are doing just that. In this interview, we meet Grace Xue – founder of¬†Lighthouse At-Home Childcare. Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Tracey’s blended family

great kiwi families blended families

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and things don’t end up as you think they will. However, blended families can also be great. Here’s a bit about Tracey and her¬†great kiwi family.¬† Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: The Want Family

Great Kiwi Families

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and it can be hard to know how to deal with it. In this series, we’ve been meeting some great kiwi families and in this article, we get to meet the Want Family. I’ll let mum, Pip, tell you their story.¬† Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Jane McAllister and family

Great Kiwi Families: Jane McAllister

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be looking at how some great kiwi families celebrate and the first family is the McAllister family. I find large families fascinating and I think the McAllister family, with 14 children, is particularly amazing! ¬†Mum, Jane also runs the successful company Dimples¬†and in this post, we hear a bit about how it all works.¬† Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: The Ridsdale Family

Great Kiwi Families: Risdale Family

If you read our recent post from Esther Te¬†Aotonga, you’re were probably as fascinated as we were with the way that the Te Aotonga family organises their lives around home schooling their children. In this post in our Great Kiwi Families series, we learn a bit more about the life of a home educating¬†family from Janet Ridsdale and her family.¬† Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Esther Te Aotonga

Esther Te Aotonga

In this series of posts, we’ve been looking at some great kiwi families and some of the things that make them fab. We’ve loved hearing from families that are doing things their own way and in this post, we talk to Esther Te Aotonga, who home schools her children. Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: The AitkenRead family

aitken-reid family

Over the next two months, Kiwi Families is featuring posts on education and technology.¬† We are talking to some more great kiwi families about their experiences. In this post, we meet the AitkenRead family – an especially creative crew, who largely live screen-free lives and are unschoolers.¬† What is unschooling you ask?¬† Read on and find out what mum, Lucy AitkenRead had to say! Continue reading »

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